Who went home on dancing with the stars, April 28, 2009?

Hey everyone, sorry I’m late, because I know all of you that missed it are waiting to find out who went home tonight on dancing with the stars. I honestly thought that Ty, the cowboy, would have gone home tonight but he is definitely safe for another week. Tonight we had to say goodbye to the lovely couple, Chuck Wicks and his girlfriend Julianne Hough, they did a good job last night but I guess they didn’t have enough support of their fans to put them through unlike Melissa Rycroft and her partner, who should be back next week with the new treatments she’s trying, so hopefully she comes back in full effect next week. Lil Kim of course was the first to be announced safe, which was nice since she had the highest scores of the night, last night and did a pretty incredible job, even though she seems to be getting a shade lighter every week (don’t know if you guys noticed). Then came Ty and then Gilles which seemed a bit scared and then came Shawn and of course Melissa, which should be very thankful to her supporting fans.

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