What happened on American Idol, April 28, 2009?

What happened on American Idol, well tonight they had a guest judge, he’s an actor turned singer turned actor, and he had a movie that didn’t so good in the box office this weekend, yes it’s Jamie Foxx. He really took his job as a mentor very seriously too. This week the song choices were from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, so the judges were determined to look for something more and  it was definitely the competitors swag. Adam Lambert seemed to capture the judges attention, it seems like they don’t really know what to make of him but they all seem to like him. Danny Gokey seemed to have swag tonight according to the judges, he was confidant and also did a good job in his performance. Kris Allan, I thought did a good job, but unfortunately I think he may be in the bottom three alongside  Allison and also Matt Giraud. So I guess we have to wait until tomorrow night to see what happens.

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