Music Mode Service: Guitar Agency In London Running African Drumming Workshops For Schools With African Drumming For Schools And Drumming Circles Workshops.

Music Mode is a Music Schools in London and Music Rock School in London working together among primary schools across London where we set up group music lessons for pupils to cooperate with each other as they learn Music.

Some of our contemporary music lessons are:

+ Black history African drumming for schools
+ Black history week workshops for schools and events London

Also by subscribing for lessons with Music Mode each pupil/student will receive discount vouchers for local stores to purchase their instrument as well as free accessories!

A Music Schools in London and Music Rock School in London:

Because Music Mode will only provide you with professional qualified teachers to ensure an excellent teaching and learning experience.

Benefits from working with Music Mode:

*Excellent teachers and tutors. All MM tutors are CRB checked and we ensure you receive tuition only from trained musicians.

* Teachers of all genres and styles available for you.

Our Guitar lessons in London & Music lessons for schools in London include:

+ Understanding of Chords and Melody through performing songs which include both
+ Recording opportunities during each term.
+ Diverse vocal and rhythm exercises to improve coordination and vocal skills.

Our Guitar courses are for acoustic Guitars. We do also teach popular music in our Guitar clubs such as Rock and soundtrack parts but for health and safety reasons and increase noise level, we do not use Electric Guitars during our group clubs.

Black history African drumming for schools &Black history week workshops for schools and events London for every school:

Our rock school also runs African drumming for schools and drumming circles workshops which includes:

To understand how to care for the instruments and its main characteristics/sounds.

To understand the importance of polyrhythm through interlocking different parts in a group.

To understand the importance of call & response in African music.

Students and pupils will understand all the different keywords related to the style of music.

As a guitar teaching agency London and teaching agencies in London our guitar and african drumming workshops also includes issues such as:

Emotional intelligence and creative thinking: It helps improve children’s ability to reason abstractly.

Cross curricula activities: Pupils are taught historical and geographical aspect of each style they learn. Also drumming helps children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm and music bar divisions, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions.

Self-expression and self confidence: As a non-verbal language, it conveys a complexity of emotions, and offers a means of expression to a shy or diffident child who finds it hard to communicate through speech.

We also provide Cheap music retailers for schools and cheap instrument suppliers for schools.

All in all, we are a Music Service in London and Music Services for Schools in London offering Black history African drumming for schools and Music events for black history and music events for schools London. Best school event!

Go to our website for a free quotation. Thank you.

Rico Pieroni – Music Mode CEO

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