Making the Floating Candle Centerpiece for a Bridal Shower

wedding showerA bridal shower has to be perfect and beautiful because it is like a gift from the bride’s friends and family to her. Needless to say, everything has to be exactly as it should be without any scope for error. It’s true that it is a casual event but bridal showers are an important way to wind down for both the bride and her closed ones.

Decorations of a bridal shower are the main cause of concern for the shower planners. And in that department comes the centerpiece that is the main item of decoration. Everyone will look at it which is why it should be perfect. A floating candle centerpiece is easy but since you are using it at a bridal shower, you have to make it pretty and interesting. The following points will be helpful –

1. Things You Need – You only need the following 4 things to do this –

• Floating Candles
• Water
• Flowers
• A container
• Filler stones and marbles for decoration

2. A Few Ways To Decorate –

• Sky Theme – Take a large transparent glass bowl. Now, your decorative filler stones should be in two colors for this centerpiece – clear and blue. Fill the bowl with the filler stones and then pour water on top of it, such that only 3/4th of the bowl is filled. Your floating votive candle should also mirror the colors of the stones and it would be preferable if they were of an interesting shape. For example, a star shaped candle would be really nice.

• Modern Theme – If you want to create a centerpiece that is a bit modern, then this one is for you. Choose a long beautiful vase and use black filler stones to fill the bottom of it. Now, choose a flower like bird of paradise and wedge its end in the stones at the bottom. Make sure you cut the stem at the requisite height. Now, fill the vase with water and add a floating votive candle that is black in color.

• Love Theme – You need a small cut glass and transparent bowl for this. Put some clear marbles or filler stones at the bottom of the bowl and wedge a rose between them. Now, when you fill the bowl with water, add a few floating votive candles in rose shape. You can also add a few rose petals that will float on the surface and look beautiful.

• Golden Theme – This is for a sophisticated bridal shower and requires flute glasses instead of the usual bowls. Fill three flute glasses with water. The quantity of water would be important because two of the glasses should only be half full and one of them should be 2/3rd full of water. Choose small floating candles in baby pink shade and float them on top of the glasses.

So, if you are decided with all the decorations, now is the time to send the wedding shower invitations and have a great time.

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