6 Top Furniture And Designing Trends for 2013

furnitureIt is always a joy to decorate your house and hear your friends and family compliment you on your great work. While you may have your personal style, it is always great to keep a tab on the latest trends that are creating waves in the interior decoration world out there. Most of 2013’s trends are things we have seen in the past. Some dead trends are seen back again and some old ones are there with a twist.

You don’t have to follow these trends blindly or exactly, just use them and infuse your own style into them. After all, you are trying to make a personal statement and what better way to do it than through your home. The following points summarize the trends of this year –

1. Yellow – Yes, yellow is the color of the season and will be seen in interior designs in various shades. You can go for brownish yellow or even the red and green hues of the color but there is no better way to make your interiors brighter. The other dominant and complementary colors seem to be deep blue, turquoise, purple and emerald green.

2. Eco Friendly – Your interiors reflect your personality and since the world is going eco-friendly, why not your furniture as well? This means that you reuse and recycle and deal with old furniture. This would save a lot of money and resources, not to mention the nice quaint look it will bring with itself. You don’t have to dispose of your old furniture anymore because now you can refurbish it.

3. Fabric Prints And Patterns – Patterns have always been an important part of interior designs. Patterns ruling the trends seem to be geometric patterns and symbols. The ever present floral patterns are still in demand. You can use them as accents for wallpapers, table covers, carpets, and rugs as well.

4. Traditional – The traditional look is back in style and many people are adopting the look for their home sweet home. Natural materials would be preferred like wood that give a nice traditional look to your home and this would also trickle down to your patterns, prints and fabrics.

5. Themes – Many people are fans of basing their decoration on a particular theme and following it continuously through ever item. A theme looks consistent and efficient, not to mention very sophisticated and classy. Choose a theme that appeals to your imagination and is easy to work for you. There is a lot of hard work put in a theme, your guests are sure to appreciate it.

Many people have modern homes and decors and might not want to revert to something else or clashing. This is why it is important for you to maintain a balance between normal and traditional, between your style and the trends. It must look like you have done the work and used your creativity, not borrowed an idea without innovation. Visit this website for changing the décor of your modern home.

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