Top 3 Rules for Candid Photography

candidWhen I first heard of candid photography, I was shocked that people actually shot pictures of others in natural moments when they were not posing for you. Having always believed that it is not right to shoot people without their knowledge, it came as a shock that candid photography is an actually practiced branch of photography.

Next it is important for you to know that this form of photography mostly occurs by accident or by luck. There is no definite technique for it. It requires consistency and many photographers make a living out of this.

Below we will discuss the 3 basic candid photography rules that will come handy when you are shooting events, gatherings or weddings.

1. Blend In – If you want to shoot people in natural moments, then you must be an extension of the furniture. People should just forget your presence and be natural when you are around. Now, that doesn’t mean that you pack away your camera. Just that blend in. Let people get used to your presence.
If you believe that it is easy to blend in, then you are sadly mistaken. Many times, even when people are used to you being there, they will just be unnatural when you point their camera at them. You end up with a stiff shot. And, conversely, when you blend in and you get natural shots, it is quite possible that the pictures may be out of focus or worse, they are not connected with the event.

What do you do now? Creep about like tabloid paparazzi? Definitely not! What you need to do is go back to the time when you were practicing with your camera. You followed your siblings, parents and friends around, shooting pictures of them, till they got so fed up of you that they forgot to pose. This is what you have to do now. Don’t be a stranger to people. Keep shooting them till your camera is totally ignored.

2. Wait And Watch – Now that you are as good as the background, wait and watch. It is now time to be patient and wait for those moments that are unique. What are unique moments? When a person is just about to laugh or dance with abandon! Take part in a group conversation and let your camera hang around your neck. So what, if you don’t know them! It doesn’t take much to strike a conversation and be a part of the group.

3. Keep Compact Equipment – Most people are wary of photographers with big professional cameras and a zillion lenses. Keep a small camera kit so that it goes unnoticed and doesn’t alarm people. When people are natural around you, you get more chances for good candid photographs.

For expert candid photography clicks on your wedding or special events, you can click here. In addition to all these, you also need to keep practicing with your camera and improve your technique. Always be alert and try to identify those moments when something is about to happen. Something that will create a unique photograph! You will find that you soon have good techniques and are taking amazing pictures of people.

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