Top 5 Most Challenging Games of All Times

gamingYou play most of the games because of the enjoyment but there are some that you play because of the challenge they pose. You feel a sense of achievement when you play such hard games. The challenge lies in unlocking bonuses or achieving some difficult stipulations. Given below are some of the top 5 mast difficult games that challenge you –

1. (PS2) Devil May Cry (Dante Must Die) – The original game is still one of the all time favorites. It is fast and fluid combat with swordplay and firearms was really good. It also had a good soundtrack that would keep you going. But the sense of achievement in completing Dante Must Die is just too challenging for all those game freaks to give up. You haven’t really played Devil may Cry unless you complete the most difficult of all challenges – Dante Must Die.

Try playing it and you will know what challenge really is. It will infuriate your and beating it will be very rewarding.

2. (Xbox/PS3) Ninja Gaiden (Master Ninja Without Any Upgrades) – If you want to enjoy the original game, then get an Xbox. You can play the Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3. Try beating the game but without using Ninpo or any upgrades. It will exciting and will challenge you to the limits. It will take up hours and you will end up berating yourself for ever starting it. You need hardcore dedication and sometimes, it will seem like you are trying to achieve the impossible.

3. (PS2) Shinobi (Super Mode) – This is another Ninja game that will drive you over the edge when you try to complete it fully. This means that you have to get every single Oboro coin at all stages to complete. This is the difficulty level. The challenge is the super difficult mode where you unlock “Stage-EX” and then collect the coins.

For those who are unaware of PS2 Shinobi, your sword will have a meter that has to be fed with those souls that you killed. Otherwise, your soul will be consumed. The game is very interesting but on Super mode, there are plenty of frustrating difficulties. The sword meter depletes super fast and the enemies do plenty of damage. Also, there are no checkpoints.

4. (N64) Goldeneye 007
– Completing Goldeneye is no mean feat. You need a lot of devotion, memorization, patience and perseverance. The devotion begins with when you laser the train’s floor to escape with Natalya, who is brain-dead. Why she chose to remain on the train is baffling. Then, there is the level where gamers and hardcore gamers are separated.

You know that this is hell when you begin the level where the wall opens and bullets fly at you from a distance. Then you reach the place where you shoot at a vent to escape launch shuttle. When you cross the room, your enemies do plenty of damage. Killing Jaws is easier than facing Moonraker Lasers. To find out more about the gaming industry, you can read here.

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