3 Ways to Find Business Ideas in Daily Life


There are many great business thinkers and strategists who find their ideas from normal everyday activities. Even the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland was an inspired from Tivoli Gardens in Europe. There is nothing that can’t turn a great mind towards a good idea and you just have to be observant and conscious of your surroundings. If you pay attention, you’ll find that simple day to day activities can be pretty inspiring.

Thinking hard to get an idea mostly never works because you can’t just think an idea into existence. You need to be inspired for it. Here are a few things that would help you get inspired and think wonderful business ideas –

1. Make A List – Your ideas and the things that you do every day are so many that by the time the day gets over, you have forgotten almost half of them. So, the best way to catalog and organize your thoughts is to jot them down. Keep a list of things that you are supposed to do and mark the ones you finished. Also, keep a check on the things you ignore or projects you abandon.

This exercise would slowly frustrate you about the things you aren’t doing and you will zero in on the things that you like and dislike. Emotions like this would drive your mind to think and you will get some ideas that you could use in your business.

2. Look For Ideas – You need to be creative in order to get new ideas and creativity can’t just be cooked like spaghetti. Creativity needs to be stimulated out of you and for that, you need to look. There are some obvious things that everyone does in order to get inspired but you have to do something out of the box. Look into places where you wouldn’t generally look.

Unexpected things and events always trigger creativity. The world is a rich and diverse place, and people have different things running in their heads. Talk to them and explore the world, you will find your creativity and inspiration.

3. Notice And Learn From Others – Other people and their lives can be a great source of inspiration and you can learn a lot. Of course, you have your own experiences and you should but when you watch someone else getting on with their life, you are borrowing from their experience. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times and observe how things in the world move, how a blind man crosses the road, how the traffic lights change. Simple things like these can give you great ideas.

Also, if you see someone else get an idea, it could inspire you to an idea of your own. Recycling of ideas and making them better is an art.

It also helps to read inspirational quotes by people you admire. Words have the power to inspire and wake ideas in you that few other things are capable of.

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