Virtual Assistant – A Godsend Any Business

In the present day economic climate, business owners have to find new approaches to enhance efficiency while cutting down expenses. To do this, a number of entrepreneurs have begun to carry out non-income producing tasks themselves. Yet what many company owners are not aware of is that by doing so, they are costing themselves money versus conserving money. An innovative alternative to this common problem is the hiring of a good virtual assistant.

A good virtual assistant may carry out a variety of chores that are fundamental to business functions, but do not require a physical presence at the office address. Tasks like answering email, mailing invoices, Website advertising chores, and maintaining virtual client contact may be outsourced to a virtual assistant overseas. Thanks largely to the availability of the web hiring a virtual assistant to carry out the tasks of a secretary has become doable at a really reasonable fee. Outsourcing a lot of the duties required to launch a venture into success can be carried out with the aid of a competent and eager a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

As a business person you may not wish to take on new costs in order to run a business, especially with the chaos of the current market. By committing to a virtual assistant who works from the Philippines you can easily decrease your overhead costs while boosting your productivity and as a result your revenues. While it is true that there are virtual assistant placement services to be had through other nations, what I have seen is that workers from the Philippines have in most cases sought after higher education, are desirous to succeed, maintain a strong work ethic and hold a great regard for American values in the workplace.

Looking into the cost of having a virtual assistant as contrasted with a secretary hired domestically the thrifty option would be to delegate the work overseas. According to the bureau of labor statistics the yearly median salary in the year 2008 for administrative assistants and secretaries in the USA was $29,050. As of May 2008 the figure was in excess of 40 grand. Realistically, this is a a very huge amount of money to shell out yearly for an office staff that doesn’t directly crank out profits. A large number of these are employed full time and thereby incur further expenses like health care insurance coverage, unemployment, payroll tax and workers’ comp. In the case of a Filipino secretary, the yearly earnings would be a fraction of what is paid to an American employee and the company would not have to pay the legally required added expenses.

Maybe you’re not clear with regards to how you may benefit from the use of a virtual secretary from the Philippines. Perhaps you still imagine that the right way to save money is simply by performing the tasks by yourself. But, how much capital are you really generating or saving while you respond to e-mail, settle payments, respond to calls, or gather data using research? The Pareto principle states that twenty percent of the tasks you are doing is responsible for 80% of one’s earned earnings. That means, there is eighty percent of your time that could and should be utilized to grow and flourish in your current industry.

And so, if you’re spending that time engaging in tasks typically designated to company staff members, you then have markedly limited the potential improvement of your organization. Using the same principle, you will find that even though you’re having to pay somebody for 100 percent of their working time they are only working twenty percent of the time for you. The truth is that your current venture will still need a supportive team so that you can go on expanding. Do you really choose to shell out upwards of $30,000 for twenty percent of somebody’s work? It’s far better to use a virtual assistant!

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