Keywords Suggestion Tool – Reaching The Money Spot Of Sir. Google

“Keywords Suggestion Tool” Secret Number 1 is..

Keywords Suggestion Tool” study: Hey my friend, I?m about to share with you some golden nuggets on why you always want to aim for the first spot on Google and the other search engines, and what it can do for you in the long run. Just imagine what would happen, if you would have knowledge and skills that 99% +of the industry doesn?t have and are missing out? You?d have more values to give, more knowledge to share than probably the other 99%+ together, let?s have a deeper look on what I precisely want to tell you with this post today.

It is all about what you have, the abilities which you acquire, and it?s also about what others don?t have. Seriously, to make a HUGE difference in the SEO industry, you?ve to master particular skills that most people are unwilling to master, you have to work with keywords suggestion tool that will give you a clear competitive advantage over the competition. I already stressed this in another post that SEO is one of the most profitable and lucrative internet marketing skills which exist, and by knowing how to CLEARLY dominate the first pages of Google, you?ll be at what we call the “Money Spot”..
“Keywords Suggestion Tool” – The Money Spot

When you scroll to the top of this post you can see an imagine which illustrates the click percentage of the diverse spots on Google, better said it shows you were most clicks go. Can you see the biggest panel on this image? This specific field proves that over 40% (exactly 42,13%) of the entire clicks go to the first search result which shows up, isn?t that amazing? The first spot gets around 40% of the whole clicks for any particular keyword on Google, let me explain which consequences this fact has..

For instance, let?s assume that you have solidly ranked for the keyword “best keyword research tool” on the first spot since a few weeks, and one of your competitors would have secured the spots 2 until 5 with his blog or website. In this example, your competitor gets around 32%+ (for Spot 2-5) of the whole clicks and you get around 42%+ of the entire clicks for this specific keyword. Even though the other person managed to dominate spot 2-5 he still gets less clicks in total than you do. This is the power of spot Nr. 1 my friend, and an extremely big reason why you should only aim to get there.

Surely, it?s fine when you can along the way also pick up spot 2-5 to completely dominate the first page, although our initial focus should always be to rank on spot Nr. 1. Of course, it makes lots of sense also strive for great rankings on the first 2 pages, because you?ll be capable to accumulate lots of clicks, and this is what we want. These facts should make clear that when using the right “keywords suggestion tool”, you can easily rank on the first spot.
“Keywords Suggestion Tool” – Take It Easy

Let?s talk a little bit about making modifications and planing this thing accordingly to ensure great results for your SEO journey.

1) Always strive for spot Nr. 1

2) Have an eye on your competition and what they?re doing

3) Give your absolute best to rank very well

Hope that these tips on Keywords Suggestion Tool have been helpful for you.

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