Chevrolet The Mightiest Of G.M.s Auto & Truck Divisions

The world renowned US auto industry brand name “Chevrolet” originated from the auto designs of a Swiss racecar driver named Louis Chevrolet. General Motors’ original founder had been removed from his management position, and he had embarked on a journey to re-establish his reputation. He saw Chevrolet’s designs and in 1911 he began using these designs to produce models of his own. When his models came out, they were very successful and allowed him to obtain a major share of the stock of General Motors. His success continued and by 1916, he was made the president of General Motors. What started as an independent company now became part of the General Motors Company.

The first Chevy cars were not given real names; they were only recognized by model numbers. It was only after the Second World War that Chevy cars started being named. Chevy originally developed a broad array of models; from mini vans, station wagons, four-door sedans, two-door coupes, crossovers, sports cars and Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs. The emergence of more popular types in recent years, however, has caused the dropping of mini vans and station wagons in favor of the former. Yet a lot of auto buyers searching Vancouver BC auto dealers still are on the prowl for those more than handy station wagons of modern times – mini vans. Imports from Japan and South Korea as well as the good old standards – the assorted Chrysler & Dodge versions , still sell a good volume. One wonders if the upper management at the top floors of G.M. did not make a wrong marketing set of decisions.

The first Chevy models grew considerably in power and size. The first models started with four-cylinder engines, then advanced to six-cylinder engines, and then to V8s during the 1950s. These early Chevy’s were quite large and considered as gas-guzzlers. However, as years went on and fuel costs became higher, finances tightened and Chevrolet acknowledged the necessity of creating models that were not such gas-guzzling powerhouses. Chevrolet began to downsize and present smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Chevrolet’s change in strategy turned out to be a brilliant move and attracted many more clients.

Now, the focus is to replace the mini-van and make crossover vehicles as the modern family car. Crossover vehicles are more modern, fuel-efficient, and innovative, representing the aspirations of the general public. The Traverse is a good example of these popular models.

Although Chevy had gone through some rough times, they have been able to remain a reputable brand trusted by many Americans for decades. They were able to promote their brand successfully despite the competition against foreign brands and increases in prices of materials. Indeed, some of the most popular Chevy models, like the Corvette and Camaro, have remained in production for many years.

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