Visit Hokitika And Immerse Yourself In Natural Splendor

On the western coast of New Zealand lies an enchanting small city of Hokitika. It is rich in local history having been a hub of the Gold Rush. The city is positioned in an ideal location at the foot of the Southern Alps and between the Tasman Sea and Hokitika River. The area is secluded, rugged, and the perfect place to explore the beauty of nature.

There are many choices in a hokitika accommodation whether you want to stay in a rustic cabin or a luxury beachfront hotel, you will find it here. You can sleep among lush green forests or nap to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. Most Hokitika motels are within easy walking distance of restaurants, shops, and festivals, so your stay will be an easy one to enjoy.

hokitika accommodation hosts several festivals throughout the year. Perhaps the most famous is the Wildfoods Festival. It attracts thousands of visitors every March who want to sample great wine and exciting foods. The dishes served range from basic meals to gourmet delicacies to unusual bush foods only the most adventurous will try.

The area attracts many creative individuals and artists too. Every year, they showcase their talents during the Driftwood and Sandsculpturing Competition. There are also quite a few local art galleries to visit in Hokitika. The local craftspeople fashion jewelry from New Zealand jade and paint awe-inspiring scenes of the local natural wonders.

If you like to stay active, you will enjoy the many opportunities to walk the trails or go hiking or backpacking. There are walking tours of the city and scenic walks in the local reserves and ecological areas. New Zealand is recognized around the world as one of the most beautiful places to visit with its lush vegetation, breathtaking rock formations, and clear emerald waters. You can view these wonders of nature up close and personal or you can take in the splendor from up above in an aerial tour that includes a fly-over of the Alps.

History aficionados will enjoy visiting Shantytown where they can view a recreation of a village from the Gold Rush days. Try panning for gold, ride an old fashioned steam train, and spend the day having a fun time with the whole family. Another good historical site to visit is the West Coast Historical Museum, which is dedication to all those who followed their dreams of finding gold in the region around Hokitika.

The climate in Hokitika is fairly constant and pleasant all year, so anytime is great to visit. The average temperatures range from a high of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in February to a high of 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The average lows in February are 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit while the lows in July are 45.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hokitika has an airport with daily connections to Christchurch. The city can also be reached easily by bus or car by taking State Highway 6, which is a major highway through New Zealand. Hokitika is the ideal place to choose if you are looking for a tranquil vacation spot where you can appreciate nature’s bounty.

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