VoIP SIP Trunking & Corporate Phone Systems Today

SIP trunking is, still a pretty new VoIP product, directly associated to the latest corporate phone system and it is potentially a business voip technology that can pass business advantages to lots.

What exactly is SIP trunking?

In its simplest form, SIP trunks can be viewed as no different to an ordinary digital line that is connected to a business communication solution. In the way it is used, the rationale of what it is for, and if you went into an office picked up the phone and made a call you would not know if you were making phone call out on a standard digital telephone line or a SIP trunk system.

What methods are available to provide SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunking is provided using the following two methods-

(i) As a data system using an existing xDSL or equivalent
(ii) Over a dedicated voice xDSL service or similar

Method (i) regularly routes calls using the public Internet, while process (ii) is a circuit supplied and normally guaranteed to provide a level of Quality of system (QoS) as it links to into the network backbone, consequently by-passing public Internet traffic.

Once the data circuit has been installed a link then requires to be made to the actual business telephone solution, much the same as a conventional phone line needs too. If you would like to connect the SIP trunk to an older phone solution (generally built pre-2006) then it is likely a SIP converter unit would be required. The SIP converter element links to to both the all ready in place line ports on the phone solution and to the xDSL SIP trunking circuit.

lots business communication systems built post-2006 may well need a license key, software upgrade or an added piece of hardware to allow the SIP trunking service to be connected directly.

Why use SIP trunking?

A SIP Trunk brings with it lots new industry advantages, the most important of which can be written down as follows-

– Lower line rental costs

– Bring down call charges

– Capability to have various National & International area codes numbers

– Free on system call costs (useful for multi-site business units)

– Ability to retain telephone numbers no matter where the company moves

– Instant phone re-routing in the aftermath of a disaster situation

SIP Trunking Solutions Summarised

SIP trunks are now generally accessible, a established technology and with SIP Providers working very much with industry telephone solution manufactures it ought to help to install self-confidence in the marketplace for rapid take up.

Conversely this is just part of the story, to make sure a SIP Trunk service works as it should, accurate calculations must to be carried out in terms of the bandwidth that is made obtainable to allow the needed number of simultaneous calls to be made or received. The last, but my no means least, part of the equation that requires to be right is the supply, installation and configuration of the required SIP hardware and SIP software may well be required.

With every part of of these rudiments suitably in place a sip trunks service seems set to take the industry by storm using the next few years, benefiting lots businesses and telecoms company?s along the method.

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