All these competitions turned in a new way when the computer was invented. Now the desktop computers are being replaced by the laptop.

The website can be of Business, Group, Organization or Personal. The address of a website starts from www (World Wide Web) and the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Before you link2% you should have planned first.

The website is a collection of different files by giving the address of the homepage. The homepage contained the address of any website. For example for the company of IBM ? the home page has the address of Homepage can have many pages on the other hand the website can have just few pages. For creating a website some elements are very important like Navigation scheme, Layout of information and overall look and feel. Website navigation is an interface of the website which provides help to the user to assess the different parts.

Your website must have the space for to the expansion of your site.

After creating the website, you just enter the URL and the homepage of your website will open. The homepage of website is also known as first page of the website. This page will give the user?s full information of the website. Many other links will open by just clicking the links. So Homepage of the website is very important. Small websites have little information on Homepage but the large website provides much more information on browsing.

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