Phone Power Unbiased Review – Does PhonePower Digital Phone System Work?

If you are trying to find real customer Phone Power Reviews then you have arrived at the suitable post. PhonePower is a Voice over Internet Protocol system that provides a variety of packages from personal to large organizations.

I made a change from another Voice over IP supplier 3 months ago, after I ran across this advertisement from a G-mail header ad for a different Voice over IP which seemed very appealing.

I did a Google search and numerous reviews later solidified my choice to ditch Vonage subsequent to 5 years of constant service.

I got tired of replacing Vonage telephones for the 3rd instance. The deals presented on the PhonePower web site to acquire the combo-pack only made sense – PhonePower paid me back the complete order amount of the first charge, meaning I didn’t pay extra for the same USB adapter I was about to get from them for free anyway. The combo-pack offers you the PC or laptop USB adapter to get started!

The setup was really simple do, phone transfer trouble-free, minor issue with getting outgoing calls hastily solved with a phone call to good English-speaking client support situated in the U.S.

Customer support helped me on another instance after losing my ISP (Comcast) and I was having some difficulties (mostly my fault) getting the service operational.

My first set-up put the PhonePower adapter AFTER the router which we altered to place it BEFORE the router. The system hasn’t missed a beat ever since and my Internet bandwidth haven’t suffered any harm.

Two outstanding benefits are the free virtual 2nd line feature and also Soft-phone application to download and install on your computer.

I’ve installed a 2 brand new Dect 6.0 telephone systems (which is way improved battery life than the Vonage phones) so that I can take advantage of the 2nd line.

At the present two persons are capable to make phone calls at the same time on the same line.

Vonage charges a month-to-month charge of $9.99 for the Soft-phone that’s included for free with PhonePower. Moreover the Soft Phone software is top notch, looks splendid, operates flawlessly!

The cherry on top is the deal of $200 for a 2 annum contract, which comprises of above 45 free features plus every one of the good features I have informed you about, compared to what I was paying Vonage, has netted me $540 cost savings over the 2 year period! You do the math.

Over and above I greatly recommend Phone Power if you are in need of an inexpensive and reputable VoIP service.

An extra cool advantage is if you buy it using the web you obtain tons of excellent deals and prices such as FREE activation and huge reductions.

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