How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend- What To Do When She Is Dating Someone Else

To get back with an ex girlfriend, you have to deal with a lot of crazy things that you probably wouldn’t want to have to go through. One such situation is the possibility that she might end up dating someone else. Now, I know that this is probably the LAST thing that you want to have to deal with, but the reality is… it CAN happen. After all, rebound relationships do happen and when you are dealing with an ex girlfriend, you are going to come up against this possibility.

What you do NOT want to do is to allow this kind of situation to make you do anything stupid, anything that you are going to later regret, or anything that will make your ex girlfriend NEVER want to get back together. If you can avoid all of that, well, then you DO have a pretty good standing to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Here’s what to do to win back your ex girlfriend even if she is dating someone else:

1) Don’t make it a big deal, just barely notice it.

Let’s say that you are in a conversation with your ex girlfriend and you already know that she is dating someone else. What most guys will do is make that whole conversation be about that new guy. They might get angry, they might try to trash the new guy, whatever they will do… the whole conversation is about the new guy. You don’t want to do this, give it as little attention as possible. Just gloss over it, because talking about her being with someone else is not going to get her back.

2) Listen to find out the little things that he is doing WRONG.

Hey, when it comes to relationships, most guys SUCK at it. They are insecure, needy, clingy, jealous and all of the other terrible things that end up costing them the relationship at some point. If she does mention anything about the new guy, listen for the little things that he is doing wrong, so you know where to shine. Let’s say that he is kind of on the needy side. Show her that you are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of this. Contrast his bad qualities with YOUR good qualities.

3) Wait it out, but have your fun as well.

There is nothing wrong with waiting out the inevitable end of her new relationship, as long as you are having your fun. If you are obsessing over her and doing nothing else, then you have a problem. However, if you are kind of playing the field, when her new relationship ends, you can come into the picture and it won’t look like you were just waiting her out. You really can discover how to get your girlfriend back and still have some fun along the way.

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