The property brothers TV Show on HGTV

The property brothers TV Show

The property brothers TV Show
The property brothers TV Show on HGTV

The property brothers is a TV show I stumbled upon while I was browsing my TV channels. I saw the property brothers once and I was hooked on the show instantly, I even introduced my girl to the property brother show and she too loves the show.
The property brother is a show that helps first time homebuyers to get the home of their dream without breaking the bank.

The Property brothers is a TV series produced by Cineflix and that is aired on HGTV in the US and on W Network in Canada. The co-stars of the property brothers are really two identical brothers Drew and Jonathan.

Drew is a well-versed real estate expert and Jonathan is a licensed contractors. Drew works on getting the buyers the house by mediating between the buyer and the seller. Drew will show the prospective buyer a few houses and let them decide on which one they want. Then Jonathan will use his expertise to help them remodeled the house by ripping down walls, rewire the home and so on. Some times the buyers don’t see the idea as Drew and Jonathan sees it but at the end they end up loving the house. Below is a video of the show.

The Property Brothers Show from HGTV

How to get on the Property Brothers show?

If you are interested in being selected for the show please check out this link and follow their instruction.

They can really help you, I can’t wait for me to be ready to buy a house and try to get on the show.

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