3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party

3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party
3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party

3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party

The company party is one event where you can be with your colleagues and co-workers, but don’t have to do anything associated with work. This is one event where the workers want to relax, enjoy and bond with their co-workers. Here are four fun ideas that are sure to be a hit as a company party idea.

3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party
3 Fun Ideas for a Company Outing Party
  1. Sports Day

Sport is something that everybody enjoys. If you organize sports on a company party you can help the employees relax and enjoy themselves. There will be some who never get a chance to play games or let their hair down because of the hectic work schedule, but on such an event you can surely become a child again. Organize fun games like three-legged race and sack race and obstacle courses. These will help the employees to team up and play, thus inculcating team spirit and will also help them bond. You can also have sports like football, rugby or cricket where the junior level workers can team up against the executives. This will help both sides to relax in each other’s presence and help them interact.

  1. Picnics And Barbecues

If you are not some who is into sports and games you can also organize a picnic on your company party day. You can all meet up at a pool side or a park and have fun, relax, chat over drinks and enjoy some delicious barbecues. The employees can even come with their families which will give all of you, a chance to interact with and get to know the family of your co-workers and bond with them. These interactions are important for the healthy environment of the office. To tickle the funny bones of your otherwise all-professional and serious employees, you may call for any good standup comedians. You might get some good options at standupcomedians.com.au.

  1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange Party

If you have a company party during the holiday season, you can organize for a Secret Santa. Pass around a hat in the office with the name of each employee placed in it. Everyone will be asked to draw the name of one person. The one who draws up the name will be the secret Santa for the person whose name they draw. This party will help people who have never interacted with each other to open up because your Secret Santa could be any one.

Set price limit for purchase of the gifts and then meet at somebody’s house where you can exchange the gifts. This is a fun way to spend time with your co-workers, as the gift opening session can be hilarious if you follow some themes when deciding on gifts.

You can follow this session with indoors games like Pictionary and dumb-charades. These team games help employees develop team spirit and learn communication skills. These games also help the employees bond with each other and become friends.

Organize these company games and bond with your employers and co-workers. These parties act as ice-breakers and help employees know their colleagues better. You can help a new employee to know everybody in the office by organizing these fun events.

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  1. I work in an IT company and my boss just asked us ideas for our company’s outing planned next week. We all are really excited for the same. Outings are a must as after working a lot harder all round the month or week, employees need a break to refresh their minds and souls. We are planning to book a disc and have a cool night out. Even barbecue sounds an awesome idea. I will certainly give this suggestion to my co-workers.

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