Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 2

Direct downloading on FTP, web browsing and even more

The model of Ricoh RDC i700 planned to fast release and it is capable to download automatically images on FTP protocol through the built in modem. For this purpose the camera is equipped similar PDA by the management interface with an electronic pen. Thus, the user can transfer both freeze frame images, and video clips, the text and a sound, using in advance prepared HTML a template. Besides, i700 supports periphery of standard Type II, for example, the additional modem, network or ATA card. In i700 even own web browser is integrated. Precisely also Polaroid PDC-640M contains built in 56,6k modem for connection on a telephone line and direct downloading of photos on photosite Polaroid.

Development of the digital camera

This year some vendors announced the inexpensive digital cameras combined with MP3 players. Many modern models can remove a short video film of low resolution (including an audio stream) which then can be viewed on the camera, on the TV set or can be placed on the web page.

Meanwhile it has not been declared any camera Bluetooth-enabled or other modern technology of communication, however, it is possible to expect for certain that in the future similar technologies will find the place in digital cameras. Certainly, dedicated digital cameras (which images can remove only) won’t disappear from sale, but they already will quit sphere of interest of the customers, wishing to receive the maximum functionality for the paid price. In process of magnification of functional capabilities the structure of the digital camera becomes complicated: huge number of technologies tries to push into such small box.

Today tiny cameras are in size of a credit card or a watch, but already in the near future we will see devices in size with a brooch or a cuff link. The size and a dial-up of possibilities of the camera is only a matter of time, ingenuity and market requirements. We will try to understand this article, as components of the digital camera work, and that to us will give the future from the point of view of new technologies and designs. But at first let’s look briefly at a data stream in a digital photo for the best understanding of a current state of technologies.

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