Depth Of Field Or How To Blur The Background On The Photo?

This is a very commonly used effect and also very nice, allowing you to emphasize your main subject, whatever it is – flower, person, or a button. You have to make this main element of the frame leading and to blur the background and to do it not sharp. Despite the fact that this effect is often used in films and in photographs of different genres, I’m sure it will remain popular because it is based primarily on the laws of optics and even our own eyes.

It may seem unusual, but modern digital photo monsters are not much different fundamentally from their film grandfathers. Only the film is changed by the photosensitive matrix. The rest remained the same. Strangely enough, even photo editing techniques also remain the same.

So, blur the background, using the capabilities of the camera, or rather its optical system (lens), and without the intervention of graphic editors of photos. This can be done on any camera – from film to digital SLR camera.

First, switch the camera to the regime M – manual; usually the regimes are switched by the disk on top of the camera or on the menu. Next, change the focal length to the maximum; for this zoom the distance maximally on the SLR camera. On the film camera use the maximum zoom, that is also approximate the object. But do not use digital zoom, it does not affect the blurring the background. And in fact I would advise not to use it at all. Open the aperture to the maximum, the parameter A – aperture, in order to open it, you must reduce its numerical value, for example, to 3.5 or 2.8 or 1.2 – in general set it as less as possible. And now approach to your subject of shooting as close as possible, but that the camera will be able to focus on it and press the button launch!

Hooray! Frame with the maximum possible blurring of the background for the camera is received! This technique is often used in wedding photography, objective picture and portrait photography. As you can see, it was built entirely on the optical system and the camera itself. Good shots and joyful creativity!

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