Appearance Of Digital Cameras. Their Benefits.

Market introduction of usual film cameras has allowed almost everyone to get an inexpensive, very desirable camera. However, even the low price of these cameras cannot compensate the quality of shooting.

But the situation is saved by the appearance of digital cameras, which became a breakthrough in the world of photography. Digital cameras have a number of advantages over film ones. First, it is the presence of the screen, which makes the use of the camera very convenient and allows you to view the captured images. Secondly, the absence of a film that allows making about 1000 photos for one session – film cameras cannot do it; the limit of the film is 36 frames.

In film cameras if the object is closer than 50cm from the lens, when shooting, the focus is lost. In digital cameras there is such a function as macro shooting that allows you to photograph objects at a distance of 10-20 cm (and in some cases even 1-2 cm) that will allow to photograph even very small objects.

Another important feature is the ability to connect the camera to the computer. Now the owners of this camera have the ability to transfer and store photos on their computers or on disk, and besides there is the possibility of processing photos on the PC and editing.

A new step in the photographic world has become a digital reflex camera or SLR camera. The quality of the photos is much better and the possibilities of shooting are very different from digital compact cameras. In fact, SLR takes a shot at the professional level. These cameras have changed the attitude of most experienced photographers to digital technology. They open up many opportunities and have a lot of useful, interesting and necessary functions. This makes the digital “SLR” an amateur’s dream. At the present time digital SLR cameras have become much more accessible.

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