The Break Up Poem

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Break-up Poem

I wrote a song for you and me

My first true love you’ll always be,

But, now it’s time we say good bye,

Because my heart won’t stop to cry.

I won’t forget the times we’ve shared

Although our love have reached an end.

You made me smile, you made me cry,

you made me laugh even for a while.

The love we shared was once so pure

but the time has come when that’s no more.

My love for you will be always,

but it is time we make our way.

A distant shore apart we are,

but the love we shared made it thus far.

In time, I know, our hearts will heal

but for now this is how I feel.

I feel alone even when you’re here,

you forget how to make me feel.

You have no time for us to share.

You work so hard and forget I’m there.

I don’t know, what else to do,

So Goodbye I say to you.

I wrote this song for you and me,

my first true love you’ll always be,

for eternity.


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  1. I like has an AABBCC structure, the speaker can be identified as a female who…let me stop I thought I was ap lit and had to analyze the poem…its a habit now.

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