Love at first sight!

Does love at first sight really exist? Can two people who have just met and know absolutely nothing about each other already know or claim to be in love and say that it is love at first sight?

 The first thing that someone notices before a person opens their mouths to say a word or speak, is thier looks or appearance rather. Whether you want to believe it or not, your thoughts begin to formulate about a person simply based on the way they look. You may at first sight, see something that you like and confuse that for something more than like, but it takes much more than someone’s appearance to know that you’ve found love. There is something called lust at first sight though, which is often confused with love. That’s when you see someone and you already begin having these unexplainable feelings for them, but you still have yet to find out a lot about them and figure  out who they really are. In order to be in love there are so many things that a person must discover and understand about the other person. Love is something that is constantly growing and changing and doesn’t happen for the most part overnight or at an instant. It takes time!


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