5 Tricks To Last Longer In Bed!

having problem in bed? Last Longer and make her happy.

About 30% of men state that they can’t last longer then 5 minutes in bed and erectile dysfunction is a real problem. Most of them also said that it definitely hurts their relationships and lot’s of girls left them because of that issue. Fortunately there are some very simple tricks how to last longer in bed everyone can try and they almost always work. Most of men try medical solutions but I think that there is no need to go that far.

Quick Trick #1 Letting your girlfriend to control everything will be very helpful. Not only it will let you to relax because you don’t have to worry about anything, also the position where the woman is on top is much less irritating and it’s very hard to reach climax. Ask her not to go wild and just enjoy ? improvement is guaranteed!

Quick Trick #2 Going very fast from the start will make even a porn start to ejaculate faster then he used too, and that’s the first mistake of the guys who can’t last long during sex. There is nowhere to rush, slow movements can be just as enjoyable as a wild sex. It will also give you some time to concentrate on other things like kissing her and making the hall thing more romantic!

Quick Trick #3 Being nervous and tensed is also one of the reasons you don’t last long during sex. I know I sound like a psychologist right now but the fact is that the male orgasm is related to your mind. If you are too tensed and worried about not lasting long enough ? that is exactly what happen to you. Just forget about it and focus on pleasuring her!

Quick Trick #4 Controlling your breathing is also very helpful and it’s actually one of the most recommended techniques for beginners. Focus on your breath all the time. Breath deep and slow, be relaxed. Not only it will help you to stay in control but it also helps you to distract yourself so it’s twice helpful! I remember I’ve tried that one first time ? it made me last 5 minutes longer right away. Of course you’ll have to practice to perfect the results and fully control the ejaculation.

Quick Trick #5 Self training is also great and very effective. Although it will take some time I really recommend you to start today. Through masturbation you can learn a lot. The one thing you need to learn is when exactly to stop and take the break you need to continue. One of the biggest pros of this training is that you actually doing it yourself. You can’t be embarrassed in front of a girl because there is no girl with you, so you can fail and try again. It sounds very funny when I’m speaking about it in sort of educational way but that how you must see it.

If for any reason any of these don’t work or you want a much quicker solution you can get this product as an Erectile dysfunction treatment. Trust you won’t regret it.

I hope my tips will help you to last longer in bed, good luck!



  1. Hey I’m eli, very popular to the girls we’re i stay,I’m onley 15 but I love sex. I jerk Off mostly everyday, and it bed its bad I only last from 45 seconds to 1:30 seconds and my girl doesn’t really care but I know deep down I’m not pleasing her, I look at ur tips, that was some good motivation. Just give me a text back and let’s have a conversation about this.

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