What To Say To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Even If You Screwed Up

Are you at a loss for what to say to get your ex boyfriend back? Is he right and you really did screw up but you’re sorry? Does it seem that no matter what you say or do he is still angry with you? If you only knew the magic words to say to get your ex boyfriend back or could somehow turn back time. If he could only see inside your heart and see that you really are sorry for what you did or said you know that he would take you back. If he could only see how much you really do love him but there simply is no convincing him.

I know you must be stressed out and fearful that you will never be able to get him back but the fact is that couples get back together all the time and overcome all sorts of horrible circumstances. Every day all over the world couples decide to get back together even if one partner really screwed up. It’s called forgiveness and it is an important part of loving someone and there should be no doubt that your boyfriend still loves you. But in order for your ex boyfriend to forgive you it is important that you forgive yourself.

Nobody Ever Screws Up, Right? – Think back and try to remember if your ex boyfriend ever made a mistake or did something that really hurt you. Has he ever been on the other side of this equation? Did he ever mess up and say something that really hurt you? Chances are if you think really hard you can come up with several instances where he really screwed up, was sorry and you forgave him. Life went on and you began to trust him and feel those loving feelings for him again in spite of what he did. The two of you stopped focusing on what happened and you simply loved each other.

You might feel horrible about what you said or did but by focusing on what happened you are blowing the situation all out of proportion. Sure, it might be a big thing but everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you have a valid reason why you did what you did. You made a mistake. Forgive yourself and realize that you aren’t an unbelievably horrible person. You have value as a human being and you deserve to be loved and forgiven. But the more you focus on exactly what you need to say to get your ex boyfriend back right now and what you did the more power you are giving to that mistake. You are more than your mistakes and there is only one thing that will heal that wound.

Key To Your Success – The primary key to your success in getting your ex boyfriend back is time. Time has a way of healing even the most horrible events. In time you will forgive yourself and your ex boyfriend will do the same. The bad memories will fade to black leaving only the happy memories. Of course, if you “mistake” is a pattern that you keep on repeating you might want to concentrate on changing your behavior while you allow time to pass. Let the dust settle and stop pushing. Stop apologizing and begging for another chance even if you feel horrible. Even if you feel in your heart that this is the right thing to do, believe me, it isn’t.

Your apologies are just words and every time you focus on your mistake and beg your ex for another chance you are pushing him futher away. You are reinforcing what happened and killing your chances of getting him back. If nothing else you are destroying your value as a girlfriend and your perceived value as a human being. Needy women beg. Strong women that are desirable don’t need to beg. They realize the error of their ways, they make changes and they move on with their life. They realize that everyone makes mistakes and they learn from them.

Chances are you have done some real damage to your relationship and your chances of getting him back if you really screwed up. All hope is not lost though. It might take some doing but given a little bit of time and some understanding of what makes your ex boyfriend tick you can get him back both quickly and easily. No matter what you did or how horrible it really was it is possible to get him back if you know how guys work emotionally. You already know that begging for forgiveness and for another chance pushes him away. So you know what to say to push him away emotionally. Now learn what to do and what to say to get your ex boyfriend back and draw him closer emotionally.

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