Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After You Break Up – Even If She’s Acting Nuts

If really want to get your girlfriend back after your breakup then listen up. I’m not going to give you a bunch of warm fuzzy things that you need to do to make her fall in love with you and this stuff isn’t for weak guys. So, if you have your hopes set on going to therapy or seeing a counselor toget you can just look elsewhere for information. This is dead serious advice for guys that are serious about getting their ex girlfriend back without all the fluff.

As you probably already know, none of that garbage about talking through the problems or your feelings is gong to get her back. Buying her nice presents or promising never to do whatever it was that ticked her off isn’t going to work either. None of that junk really works. But at this very moment you might have a bit of a tiger on your hands and you’re wondering what you need to do if she is acting really nuts. I mean, the kind of nuts that goes anywhere from having her twist your words and makes you wonder if she lives in some sort of fantasy land all the way up to thinking that you need to get a restraining order against her.

How To Chill Her Out – First, if she is being really abusive physically or she has destroyed your property do no hesitate and get a restraining order against her. The only reason that she is doing this stuff is because she thinks that you’re a wimp and that you won’t do anything. Stand up for yourself and never allow yourself to be pushed around. In the long run, she will respect you more. Talk to a lawyer if you have to. Nobody deserves to be abused and get over yourself if you think that anyone is going to laugh at you for standing up for yourself. And never retaliate!

If she is just being a jerk and acting crazy, some time and distance is the best solution. Give her some time to chill out and avoid all contact with her if possible. Don’t call her, text her, email her, message her and don’t respond to any of her attempts to contact you. Even if you think, “well, maybe she’s contacting me because she’s sorry and she wants to get back together again”, give yourself and your relationship some time to cool off. She’s not going anywhere and even if she does it will be short lived. Her conscience will get the better of her and the crazier she has been, the harder her conscience will come down on her.

How To Turn The Tide – While time and distance should be your first steps in chilling her out and getting her back as quickly as possible, it is important that you understand how fragile women really are. She may be acting nuts right now but the surest way to get your ex girlfriend back is by messing with her fragile emotional mind. Typically, the nuttier she acts and the more emotional she is the easier it is to get her back using emotions. You do know that all women are emotional by nature and that’s why they dig things like chick flicks and anything corny or romantic, right? Use this stuff to your advantage.

Women, your ex girlfriend included, are so emotional by nature that just a few tweeks to her emotional hot buttons and you can actually over-ride her logical mind. This means that no matter what you did, what you said or what she said, such as that she didn’t love you or she hated you, she will still react in a very predictable manner. If you hit the right buttons you will get the outcome that you desire every time.

You have already proven that you know how to make her nuts in a negative way, right? How about making her nuts in a positive way? How cool would it be to have her emotionally distraught because she wanted you so badly that she was going crazy instead of having her acting nuts because you did something wrong? How would you like to have her screaming and crying that she loved you instead of that she hated you? Now, that would be a pretty nice change and, believe me, it is one that is attainable if you know how to push the right emotional hot buttons.

Don’t wuss out and forget about that that lame info that your friends are trying to feed you. That junk just doesn’t work and it will only make you seem like more of a pushover to your ex. If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back after your breakup follow this advice and learn a little about how to push those positive emotional hot buttons.

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  1. very interesting pc here…. my ex and i were together for 3 years and it was pretty damn good, so good in fact that we decided to have a child together. well 4 weeks into her pregnancy she started behaving pretty bad towards me with the verbal stuff, then it got to the point one night where she elbowed me in the temple as i was laying down. i had enough at that point and asked her in a nice way to stay at her parents house for a little bit and let things calm down …..well she went reluctantly and next thing ya know she starts sendind me text msgs of “are we ever going to get along” and “are you always going to hate me” ?…. i was confused by all of this as she was the one who started with the verbal and physical stuff on me. i told her daily how much i loved her and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together to raise are baby under one roof.

    make a long story short sorry about that…… well she ended up getting a place about 20 minutes from my house and went thru the whole pregancy thing without letting me know when her docs apmnts were and it sort of sent me a msg of “im done” it really hurt that she did this to me and now when i look back on it i think i made a HUGE mistake in askin her to spend some time at her parents house , i wish i would have done my homework on what changes a woman goes thru while pregnant as i would have reached for anything at that point… i let her down and i know i did an i am ashamed a myself for it.

    well weeks go by and she becomes even more abusive with the mouth and then all of a sudden she changes for the better and wants to get back together with me and work things out…..i hesitated to long an by the time i figured out i was dragin my feet through the mud an not stepping up to the plate it was to late 🙁 one night i get a call at work from a number i didnt know so i answer it and it is her and she says “have you been prank calling me” i in turn am confused at this point and say “ummmm no why would i do that” she says “something strange going on here… so i call her cell and it tells me the number has been changed an now im like wtf is goin on here? all email contact only and it pretty much annoyed the hell out of me as we just had a baby together and all. next thing ya know she takes out a protection order against me saying she is in fear???? wow now im devastated at this point and i have zero contact with her and our child….im destroyed over this and do not know what to do 🙁

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