I have trust issues, what should I do?

Trust Issues

One of our readers has submitted this and needs all of our help, their identity shall remain anonymous. 

I have been with my boyfriend for about a year. Now this man that I love has one itty bitty problem, he has wandering eyes, and ladies I know you know exactly what I mean. He looks hard and when I question him he pretends as if he wasn’t. Well anyways, with this that makes me wonder if and when I’m not around if he actually goes and approaches these women that he loves to stare at so much. So with all of my wondering brings my curiosity. I now find myself constantly checking his pockets, his wallet, his phone for any signs of whether or not he’s doing anything behind my back.

So my question really is should I be checking my man’s things or should I just completely trust that he’s doing right by me?

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  1. I agree with DrG1, would you be happy if he did that to you?, going through your stuff and all. We as women look at guys too so does that mean when our man is not around we actually go and approach these men. I think trust comes deep within. Love should come with trust, vice versa. If you can find it in yourself to trust in person whom you so call “love”, then you guys shouldn’t be together because it’s alwqays going to be about trust!

  2. Well, we are all have that wandering eyes to checkout a girl (right GUYS), just like the ladies. Is it really a felony or a sin to just look? I think the idea behind the looking is what matters. And yes, you have the right to have a little lack of trust.

    Now, what I don’t approve of is going through someone’s personal belongings such as phones, wallet, pocket, email, voicemail. I could care less what you think your man or your girl is doing, but touching and checking your partner’s personal belongings is just unacceptable, even if someone is married. I have nothing to hide, I can give my girl my password to my phone, emails, and access to my wallet does that mean she has to the right the snoop around, nah nah nah man.

    I have always found this to be a problem with guys or girls checking someone’s properties because they have their own personal issues. My thing and thinking is that if I am with someone and I feel the need to check and snoop on you, I will not be with you. I like this saying, when in doubt throw it out. If I have to doubt about what my girl is doing, then that’s a problem. I am not saying someone can’t be careful. If you have doubts about something, talk it over with your partner and if for some reason, you don’t believe them, I don’t know about you but I would just run. Life is too precious to waste countless hours worrying about someone cheating.

    That’s just what I think, should people check wallet, emails, voicemails, pockets and so on, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

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