Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people. This is a disorder that has to do with a person’s metabolism. When you eat something, your body breaks it down into glucose, which is the sugar molecules that is produced in your blood. The glucose in your blood is what provides you with the fuel and energy to go about your daily activities. In order for glucose to get into your cells, it needs what is called insulin, which is a hormone that is produced by your pancreas. I hope you can keep up. The people that has diabetes produces either no insulin or a little insulin which therefore prevents them from taking up the sugar that they need. 

For people that are constantly battling with Diabetes, here are some natural remedies that may help you combat this disorder.

Take plantains, peel them and place the peels in a jar of cold water. Drink this water everyday.

Alfalfa can be found in any local supermarket. What you do is you boil some water, once the water is boiled you turn off the stove and then you infuse the alfalfa into the water. Drink this everyday to help with your diabetes. 

Cinnamon is also good for your diabetes. Take a tablespoon of cinnamon and pour it into a liter of water. Drink everyday. 

I will updating some more remedies for diabetes, so please come back and visit, the things we talk about.

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