The Reasons Married Life Partner Seek Aaffair Outside Marriage

What drives people to find love out of wedlock? and why?
What prompts people to seek a relationship outside wedlock, putting their Family life and image at stake?

Experts say there is no specific reason – some do it for thrill, some for pleasure, while others get into extramarital affairs to avoid tension at home.

The famous golfer Tiger Woods has tendered apology for
“irresponsible” behavior in his first reaction to the news,but he didn’t explain why he got into such relationships.

There are no such rules to define why a person gets emotionally or romantically involved after marriage. It varies from individual to individual.

A marriage is a marriage and an affair outside marriageaffair outside marriage is an affair.It doesn’t make any difference whether the partners initially had love marriage or an arranged marriage. A lot depends on the changing individual’s psyche and it varies from individual to individual.

An extramarital relationship may be just a casual one for fulfilling needs of sex or thrill, or it may be a very intense, emotional bond. Usually, one would get into such a relationship once he or she has given up hope of getting something like love, sex, excitement, understanding, appreciation or respect in present
marriage,say psychiatrist

“Over the past few months, fights with my wife have become so frequent and arguments in the family have hit the roof. I don’t feel like going home. So I try to work extra hours in office or hang out with friends,but I can’t do that every day. I need someone to talk to, to vent out my thoughts. It is the emotional support
that I am looking for,” said one.Like him, there are many men and women, frustrated or tired of their relationships, who are hunting for solace in someone’s arms.

There are others who have a healthy and happy married life but are still seeking adventure through an extramarital relationship.They expect a “Kick” from it.

The quest to find the “perfect” partnerRomance is one of the major culprits leading people to extramarital relationships.

Extramarital relationships seem perfect because they are not spending much time together and get to see only the best in each other. The small fights that happen are also brushed aside because they want the relationship more than anything else explains psychiatrist and add these extramarital relationships are like thrillers.There is so much thrill (planning secretly the meeting places),mutually guarding of a shared secret, tension (hiding from people), jealousy and anger,longing for each other, and wanting each other. In the limited time that the two get together,they are ready to do anything for each other.This ‘thriller’ is obviously
appealing to any bored person.

So,are these extramarital relationships really “unwinding” for a person?

There is nothing right or wrong about such relationships.These relationships often do a great job of need fulfillment. If handled in a mature manner, the relationship will grow into a great friendship while they lead their individual lives separately. Is there such maturity among us ?.

Raghu Natrajan.

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