Seduction Tips For Men – Seducing A Woman The RIGHT Way

Most guys that seem to call themselves seduction experts or pick up artists are nothing more than guys that “think” they know how to seduce a woman. If you want to really become one of those guys, then you have to understand what makes a woman feel like she wants to be seduced by you. And those so called experts seem to miss out on that fact all because they want to glorify their so called techniques.

Women don’t want to be picked up by some guy who gets all excited because he got a couple of women to give him their phone number. This is not junior high, this is the adult dating world. You need to be able to show a woman that you CAN act like an adult male, and that you are the kind of guy that is not going to go run around and kiss and tell.

Seducing a woman the RIGHT way requires that you comprehend sexual attraction in women. Trust me, it’s not the same way that guys feel sexually attracted. For YOU as a man, all you need to do is see some leg, some cleavage and maybe a little of the rear to get sexually attracted to a woman.

For a woman, the emotions are the key to making her feel sexual attraction. If you do not trigger the right emotions, then the chances that you are going to make her want to sleep with you are about as good as the next guy. Which is not very good at all.

Men that are skilled at being able to trigger an emotional response are the ones that get to go to bed with the women that they choose. Guys that ignore this fact are the ones that get all worked up when they get a simple phone number from a woman.

To seduce a woman, you have to be keen on what it is that she wants to hear. What is it that is going to make her feel like she has been moved emotionally by you?

When you can answer this question, then you can discover how to seduce a woman pretty easily. Trust me when I say that seducing a woman is not as hard as you make it out in your mind to be. Just a little bit of experience will show you that to make a woman feel sexual attraction, then you are going to have to also act like an alpha male.

This means that you cannot go around and feel all self conscious or do things ton try and “win” her approval. That is a beta male move and it’s not going to help you make her feel sexually attracted to YOU. You don’t want to have her see you as the beta male, because all she will want from you is friendship and nothing more. To get past that feeling, you need to be able to demonstrate that you ARE indeed an alpha male.

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