The In You Have With Your Ex That You Can Exploit To Get Her Back

You might be wondering what the heck I am talking about. What kind of “in” might you have that you can use to help you to get your ex back that you haven’t already tried? You’ve tried just about everything to get your ex back! You’ve tried being nice, you’ve tried ignoring her, you’ve tried talking to her, you’ve tried not talking to her, you would try standing on your head and spitting wooden nickels if you thought that it would help you to get your girl back but nothing is working. You’re at a standstill and you are about ready to give up hope, aren’t you?

You actually have a lot more going for you than you might think when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend or ex wife back. But right now your confidence that you have the ability to get her back is pretty damaged. The breakup and being knocked down every time you get back up is messing with your mind and your ability to think straight. But think about it this way… right now, who knows your ex better than you? Nobody!

It doesn’t even matter if there is a new guy on the scene or some other guy that stole her away from you. You and your ex still have a history. You shared intimate moments and had good times that if you think hard enough can still be happy memories for you, right? What makes you think that eventually, given some time and presented in the right way, you can make her feel the warmth and happiness that goes along with those same memories? Can you remember a good time or an inside joke or something that only the two of you shared? Chances are she can conjure up the same memories and the emotions tied to that time too!

And what about the little things about her that you know that nobody else knows? You probably know without a word when she is having a bad day and what to do to at least make her day a little bit better. You know the unspoken looks and quirky things that she does when she is happy and sad.. you know her likes and dislikes… what sets her off in a positive way and a negative way. There has to have been at least one time when she was going through a rough patch that you pulled her out of it or made her feel better just by being there for her.

These are all things that you can use to create a connection with your ex wife or ex girlfriend that you probably aren’t taking into consideration. You think that you’ve got nothing… that it seems like there is nothing that you can do to make her happy and make her want to connect with you again but if you sit and think about it for a bit I am sure that you can list dozens of memories and things that you know about your ex that you have in your favor.

Now, it is up to you to break down that wall or at least sneak around the side of that wall that she has built to keep you out. You need to build trust and connect with her so she beings to feel that connection with you that she really does want. She might say that she’s done but that love and that passion and that desire that she once felt for you is just beyond your reach and waiting for you behind that wall. It is up to you to bring out those emotions and bring her out of her shell again. In time and with some trust you can use all of these things to your favor and get your ex back by pushing her emotionally and bringing that stuff to the surface.

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