Push Through The Pain And Get Him Back

Will the pain ever end? Will the tear ever stop? Will the torment in your soul ever subside and will you ever be able to get your ex back? As minutes turn to hours turn to days turn to weeks you just wish that the pain from your breakup would end and you fear that you will never feel his warm embrace ever again. The only thing that can end the pain of your aching heart is to get him to change his mind and come back to you.

You might feel that there is no use in dreaming about getting him back. All hope is lost and everything that you have done to try to get your boyfriend or husband back has only seemed to make things worse. Your heart is pure and your love for him is brilliant but it’s as if you are no longer dealing with the man you once knew. The truth is that he is still there. Deep down inside your man does still love you. It is your job to bring that love out of him again and make him feel what he once felt. But first you need to push through this pain before you can really do what you need to do to get him back.

You Can’t Help What You Feel, Right? – You might say that you can’t help yourself. You can’t help but feel the pain in your heart. You can’t help but miss him every minute of every day. You can’t help but want him, need him and desire him. Every moment apart from him is torture and every day without him in it and living with the contention between the two of you makes you feel like you’re walking around in a fog. Well, there is a cure for this and before you can get him back you need to get beyond this and the first step in actually getting him back IS healing your heart and getting back to being that woman that he fell in love with.

It is a commonly understood truth that people tend not to be attracted to those that are sad or down all the time. You might think that your ex would feel sorry for the pain that he is causing and that if he had any heart he would just love you and heal your heart by coming back to you. Unfortuantely, he doesn’t see things this way. He only sees what is in front of him and he sees a woman that is kind of needy and pathetic. You aren’t needy and pathetic, are you?

You are a fun, loving, caring woman that has much to give your man. Once upon a time it was him that pursued you and you were flirtateous and funny and you had a good time playing cat and mouse with him and this is where we’re going to go again when it is time to get him back.

Things That Work To End The Pain – Do what you have to and think whatever you need to in order to bring that strong woman back to the surface. Fake it ’til you make it, is the saying. But you really want to feel secure in your heart that you can win him back, right? Then spend some time right now dreaming of what it will be like to have him come knocking at your door or for your phone to ring and have it be him on the other end of the line asking if he can come talk to you. Think about what it will feel like to be held by him again and kissed by him again. Look at old pictures of the two of you together and bring up that feeling in your heart that you felt when things were good between the two of you. Make these thoughts your reality and dismiss any notion that you will never get him back because the reality is that you can get him back. People get back together every single day so why not you?

What’s Going To Get Him Back – The truth is that no amount of talking through your problems or sending him emails or text messages is going to get him to change his mind about you right now. No loving words or kind deeds are going to make him respect you and love you again. Those words and your kindness needs to be earned by him and until then you should refrain from contacting him at any cost. By contacting him you only lower your perceived value as a woman and as someone that he might want to spend the rest of his life with. Think of it this way, what kind of woman is nice to a guy that rejects her? Just think about it and let it sink in.

The only way that you are going to get him back with any sort of surety is by making him feel emotions, passion and desire. Right now you probably are making him feel pretty great by showing him your attention in spite of the fact that he’s treating you like garbage or at least not returning your affections. Once you remove your attention he will begin to wonder what is going on. Sure, at first he might feel some relief that you aren’t trying to get him back but given a little time he will begin to grow curious. He will begin to wonder if you have moved on. He may even grow curious enough without any prompting to get in touch with you. And what will you do when he does? What will you say and what will you do to push him emotionally to get him to begin to feel something for you in his heart again?

Sometimes doing nothing at all is sufficient to make his love rise to the surface of his heart. Other times it might be necessary to know what to say to lead him or bring him to the conclusion that you are the woman of his dreams. Knowing how to set the tone for your conversation and disarm him while pushing him emotionally is really important since you might only have one chance at getting him back. Just like it is often said that you only have one chance to make a first impression, you might only have one chance to get him back after your breakup.

Think about the things that you did when you first met to make him fall in love with you and you will be on the right track for knowing what pushes him emotionally to change his mind about your breakup and decide that you really are the only woman for him. Keep in mind that it’s often a little more difficult to get past his defenses after a breakup than it was when you first started dating but with a good, positive, optimistic attitude and with a smile on your face there is little doubt in my mind that you can come up with a good plan to get him back no matter what the circumstances are.

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