Proper Nutrition And Diet For A Healthy Man!

Properly organized diet will help you on your way to healthy life. Proper nutrition starts the metabolism in the right direction. And it can do it so, that the level of the hormones will increase very much. Here is a example of the diet:
-Porridge (how much you want);
-digestible protein (fish, two hundred grams).

-Again, porridge. Potatoes or pasta;
-meat (much as you want).

Menu for a dinner you can think up for yourself, the main thing (remember for a lifetime!) – the first two meals. They should be rich in calories and contain everything you need. For snacking between the meals would be the best – fruits and nuts. And to all the meals you should add a large amount of salad. There are many supplements which are ostensibly to increase testosterone, but it is better not to take much of them. Separately, you can take zinc complex, sprouted oats and wheat. Eat seafood at least every other day. It will be good to take tincture of ginseng.

Products, useful for men?s health.
Berries and fruits. Excellent source of complex carbohydrates are fruits, especially rich in vitamin C strawberries. This vitamin promotes the assimilation of iron. Nutritionists believe that the recommended dose of vitamin C at 60 milligrams is enough to make you feel more cheerful.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which slows digestion. This means that the energy flows into your body with a continuous flow of the gradual penetration of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. You can get carbs, eating candy or a piece of cake, but the effect of rapid burst of energy from simple sugars, usually passes quickly. Here is a portion of oatmeal to maintain a sufficient level of sugar in the blood for much longer, increasing the supply of energy and besides you get hungry soon.

Bananas. Eating a banana, you feel a huge influx of energy. First, the sugar in bananas and other fruits ? it is easy digestible form of carbohydrate. Also, bananas are extremely rich in potassium – an electrolyte, which normalizes the muscles and nervous system and prevent reheating of the body. Unlike other nutrients potassium remains in the body for long. Level for your body may drop sharply at high exertion, as it is excreted from the body when sweating, as well as due to certain diseases. Clear signs of low potassium – muscle pain, cardiac arrhythmia and a sense of loss.

So, now you know what will be useful for your health and choose a right diet for you.
And besides the right nutrition, to stay healthy and cheerful, you should go in for sports and do physical exercises.
The combination of the proper nutrition, right diet and physical exercises will be the excellent choice on your way to healthy life of a modern man.

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