How To Become A Real Man And Attract Women

Men with excess weight, suffer from depression and decreased sexual activity, in most cases have lower testosterone level. Such men are unattractive to women and more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

If you want to stay healthy, become braver and more confident, and also to have a good and sporty figure and attractiveness, then follow the proven advice: change the diet and lifestyle, do some special exercises, get rid of bad habits. The body will not be slow to respond to change, and you become cheerful and happy.

Of course, it depends on your diligence and effort. So be prepared for heavy training and forward to victory.

In order to achieve noticeable results will need to be firm and steadfast. Be patient and be prepared to put life on its head. Everything you need-just become another person. And, accordingly, you should get used to the new behavior.

Here is the sequence of steps to achieve this goal:
– right state of mind;
– getting in the proper environment;
– proper nutrition;
– physical development.

Ironically, the most important in this matter is psychology, i.e. state of mind. It determines your future development. If all your thoughts radiate negativity, you will not be successful in this matter. It is the work of the brain affects the entire body and is the main instrument to hormonal changes. Even certain personality traits can take part in how you develop. You need to take it seriously. If you want to become strong, develop the features that characterize a strong man, i.e. leader. Be the first in everything. Suppose that every day brings you victories and triumphs. With each, even a minor victory in the blood will be the fall of the hormones that neutralize stress, and you will always be full of energy.

Change attitude towards others, become independent man. Often talk to strangers. This is an excellent exercise, which affects instincts. Ancient people saw in the stranger a potential threat. Therefore, the interaction with the stranger is increasing the level of the testosterone.
Another important advice. Environment can make the best work for you by developing the traits you need. To awaken the dormant instincts of a leader, you need a territory that you could “protect”. Ideal will be your own house with land.
Organize your company; engage in business, it will give you responsibility and decisiveness.

You must be in the company of beautiful women. Get in the habit every day to flirt and seduce them. Well, or just be with them. Believe it is necessary. Here, take a piece of paper, and write: “Today I will find ten girls.” Immediately go to the street. No matter where to go, just act. You certainly can be refused, but it just will motivate you more. A daily motivation – is required. Put any purpose and tends to approach a little closer to it every day. This will help.

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