My Exboyfriend Just Emailed Me – Does He Want To Get Back Together?

Before you go running around like a gazelle, jumping for joy because your ex emailed you or texted you or called you, I want you to sit down for a second. While this might be very good news and it might look like the doors are opening again I will warn you that this is a very dangerous time for you and your relationship. What you do next could either make or break your relationship with your ex.

Often, when a guy makes contact with his ex for the first time after a breakup it could be for one of many reasons. He could miss you, he could be lonely, he could have just forgotten where he left a DVD, he could be feeling guilty and the list goes on. In any case, you can use this contact in your favor but if you screw up you are going to kill your chances of ever getting him back or if nothing else lengthen the amount of time it’s going to take to get him back.

Tricks That Will Make Him Wonder – Playing cool and nonchalant can be an effective way to build the tension. Keeping your personal life personal will make him have to work to get you back if that is his intention and, as you know, anything worth having is worth working hard for. In addition, anything that he has to work hard for holds greater value and he will value more. This includes your attention so keep him wondering.

Always try to gain the upper hand as you work to get your exboyfriend back. Be the first to end a call by saying that you have to run. Make him wait a while before returning his phone call and never fall all over yourself confessing that you are dying to get him back even if you are.

Timing Is Everything – At this stage of the game as you are trying to get him back it might be very difficult for you to turn away from his advances, especially if he is being rather forward. But remember, you are in this for the long haul. You are not a booty call. So think about that and work to build the tension until he is ready to commit to you again all on his own. Telling him that you love him before the time is right could very well scare him off and make it more difficult to get him back than it was before.

Now, while all of this is great news if you have been trying for some time to get your ex back, do proceed with caution. Take things slow and learn how to take control of the situation so you can come through to the other side of this breakup with the love of your life with you again.

By understanding how guys work and what you need to do to build that tension and bring him to his knees you can arise victorious with your self esteem and your relationship back better than it was before. Just guard your heart and don’t allow yourself to be used. As wonderful as one night of passion might seem it is nothing compared to a lifetime of passionate nights.

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