Get My Girlfriend Back – What Do You Do When You Realize You Messed Up?

When a couple splits up, there can be many reasons for why it finally came to an end. Sometimes relationships end amicably and as mutually as possible. Sometimes they don’t. What do you do when you realize that you messed up and you want to get back with your girlfriend? Just because you realize that you did something wrong, it does not mean that she will definitely forgive you and give you a second chance.

Is there anything that you should know if you want to get your girlfriend back because you now realize that YOU messed up?

For starters, you want to congratulate yourself for at least coming to that realization. Many men will mess things up with a girlfriend and never see that they were the reason for the break up. Instead, they will come up with excuses and rationalizations for the inevitable break up, to deflect their own responsibility for the issue. Plain and simple, they don’t man up and own their part in the break up, they make it out to be her fault, or based on circumstances, etc.

Okay, so that does not mean that she will take you back though, right?

Just because you ‘manned’ up to it, does not mean that whatever you did just goes away and you get to start fresh again. You have to let your ex girlfriend know that you now see the error of your ways and it has to seem genuine to her. It cannot seem like you are just owning up to it with the intention of getting her back. That takes away all of the integrity of actually owning up to the fact that you messed things up.

You also have to evaluate where you messed up and if it is something that you can actually change or work on. For example, if you messed up because you cheated on her, can you guarantee yourself that you will not do it again? Or if it was another issue, say fighting over money problems, can you find a way to work around it or realize that whatever problems that you might have, it’s still not worth losing her again?

If so, then you do have a good chance of getting your girlfriend back and keeping her.

That’s really the most important part, can you keep her. It’s not as hard as you might think to get your ex girlfriend to give you another chance, what is really hard is keeping her so that you don’t end up breaking up again and coming right back to where you are right now.

So, let’s recap what you should do if you want to get your girlfriend back if you messed up:

1) Acknowledge that you messed things up and take ownership of it.

2) Let your ex girlfriend know that you messed up and that you know it.

3) See if you can work around these issues so that they do not spring up again.

If you can do these three things, all you have to do next is to follow a step by step method to get your girlfriend back. The reason why you need to do it in steps is simple. The relationship did not break down all at once, it happened in a series of steps, culminated by the final straw that ended things. So, you need to rebuild and repair the relationship the same way that it broke down… in steps.

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