Learn How To French Kiss Like Pro

The French are believed to be utter romantics and know how to woo a woman in style. In fact they even have a kiss that is associated with them and considered to be one of the most passionate ones that exist. If you truly want to master your French kissing skills, you really need to read this article. Here is how you can give your partner a French kiss that she will want to remember for a long time to come.

Considering the intimacy of this kiss, you will want to be well groomed. This means, you take a bath, shave, brush your teeth and in general look smart. You don?t want to ruin a romantic atmosphere by bad breath or smelling bad. Throw on a bit of cologne but not something that will give your girl a headache. One of the ideal requirements for a French kiss is being comfortable. Sitting beside each other on a sofa or a love seat would be ideal.

Hold your partner in a comfortable and gentle position. You have to make sure she is not in an awkward position or that you have gripped her too tightly. You could hold her around the shoulders, behind the neck or cup one or both of her cheeks gently. Bring your faces closer together and avoid bumping noses. The best is for the guy to tilt his head a bit.

Start by kissing the normal way with lips and eyes closed. Closing of the eyes only heightens the sensations that follow as well builds a sense of anticipation. First, get comfortable with this form of kissing before you actual progress to the next phase. Slowly draw your tongue on the lips of your partner. If your partner offers her tongue as well, explore it with a gentle licking motion. The tongue is the key to great French kissing because it holds a lot of sensation.

Once you have tried licking, try a bit of sucking and bit of wrestling, like trying to hold her tongue in one place. Use your tongue to explore her mouth, especially the roof. Lick and tickle this part of the mouth. When you are moving your tongue, make gentle movements and not swing around like a pendulum.

There are some don?ts you should keep in mind. Never breathe through your mouth during a French kiss. Also never ever bite. Make use of your hands. Wrap them around her back or use them to rub against her arms. How intimate your get from here is dependent on how good you are at your French kiss.

So, here was a couple of tips how to French kiss your partner so that she can?t wait to get more. Just take these tips into good use, and take your kissing experience to the whole new level.

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