Adenoma Of The Prostate, Symptoms, Ways Of Curing

The men who are close to 40 years have many diseases that are associated with the sexual organs. The emergence of these diseases leads to disruption of male sexual activity. Such diseases include such disease as adenoma of the prostate. Adenoma of the prostate is a benign tumor and most often occurs at men aged 40-50 years. In this disease is proliferation of prostatic tissue and the appearance in it of benign tumors that compress the urethra and the man at the same time feels harsh pain.

At the beginning of the enlarged prostate, a man has such symptoms as:
? more frequent urination;
? impulses appear at night, which leads to sleep disorders;
? urination urine stream weakens and the man feels a sharp pain;
? have to tense when urinating;
? there is no emptying of the bladder;
? may appear incontinence.

The appearance of these signs should alert the man and he needs to seek professional help in time to take the necessary treatment and to avoid serious complications.

Stage of the development of adenoma of the prostate.
Adenoma of the prostate is in its development stages.
At the first stage of the disease specific violations of the bladder is not observed. This stage can last from 1 year to 10 years.

In the second stage of the disease begin to manifest all the signs of the disease in the acute form. Usually the second stage of the disease goes into the third.
At the third stage of the illness, signs of an even more pronounced and the male begins incontinence. This leads to the fact that the man starts to use the urinals.
If time does not cure this disease, you may receive frequent and severe pain, and acute urinary retention, which leads to such a powerful and agonizing pain. Such a delay may cause alcohol, hypothermia, constipation, delayed emptying of the bladder. In this case, you must provide emergency care to the patient.

In addition to acute urinary retention, adenoma of the prostate can also cause complications such as inflammation of the urinary tract, the occurrence of urolithiasis, the development of hydronephrosis and other.

If the patient visits a doctor in time, then the disease can be stopped at an early stage. But if a man struck up a visit to the doctor, he may have severe and serious changes in the genitourinary system, which will lead to a breach of quality of life and the emergence of various diseases.
As the medical professionals say, the main cause of this disease is hormonal changes that occur at the male with age. Young men have a small probability of the enlarged prostate.
In order to avoid the appearance of adenoma of the prostate men should do some prevention: diet, monitor their body weight after 45 years, every man should be screened for early detection of this disease.
If a man is found the disease, he needed every year to do control medical examinations.

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