How To Treat A Sore Throat And What To Do To Not Pick Up This Nasty Sore?

In the international classification of diseases angina has a codename of “acute tonsillitis”. As a rule it “lives” in the tonsils, popularly referred to as glands.

The mechanism of tonsillitis in a nutshell is this. Inflammatory reaction develops in response to falling on the tonsils pathogens. This may be bacteria, viruses, fungi, respectively, and angina will be bacterial, viral or fungal.

The young people up to 30 years have the most of risk of catching this illness. Particularly the high incidence is in large industrial cities, but among the inhabitants of the village it is almost two times lower.

Experts say unequivocally – a doctor should treat a sore throat. The diagnosis must be confirmed with the bacteriological examination (smear from the nose and pharynx). The fact is that a similar picture can give much more dangerous infections such as diphtheria.

The main treatment, prescribed for angina is antibiotics, which are also chosen in view of the sensitivity of microflora.

Even before the visit to the doctor, in order to ease your pain, you can start gargling. The more often – the better, ideally it should be done once per hour. The most simple and accessible is to wash the throat with the weak brine. Among the popular first aid is a camomile tea. Take one part of dried chamomile, eucalyptus and one part of the color of marigolds. All are ground and mixed. A tablespoon of this mixture is poured with one cup and a half of boiling water, boils for two minutes and then infused for an hour. The flask is filtered and rinses the throat twice a day – this herbal “tea” effectively reduces inflammation.

The kalanchoe juice helps well against inflammation in the throat. It is mixed half with water and rinse the throat several times a day.

In the later stages of the disease doctors usually appoint antibacterial rinses (solution of furacillin, rivanol, Eludril).

Warn the infection

One of the main ways to prevent this monster is to strengthen the immune system.

So, the food must be regular and varied – the more your menu has the items (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products) the more the body gets the vitamins and minerals.

Sleep is a pledge of a strong immune system. The body not getting enough sleep is powerless before the virus attacks. So sleep, my friends, from seven to nine hours a day.

Walk, run, wave your hands move on, in a word, – and you will be provided with a piercing immunity. In order not to fall a victim to inactivity, must have not less than three miles brisk pace a day (or secure 30 minutes of continuous walking). Walk, but not supercool – it is strictly contraindicated, since reduces the body’s resistance to infection.

Avoid stress – they “steal” power from the body, and instead of it they “reward” it with the illness sometimes even more terrible then a sore throat. Thus, a strong psychological stress may cause diabetes, not to mention the cardio-vascular diseases.

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