Five Rules Of Healthy Sleep

You should remember: sleep less than seven hours a day is not normal. And excuses like “Yes, I have a chronic insomnia, and here is a medical certificate” or “Why should I have to waste seven hours of my life?” will not work. We’ll make you to have a good night’s sleep, do you want it or not.

1. Switch off all electrical appliances

Switch off all the gadgets at night, especially computers and laptops. This not only saves the energy but also helps your brain to relax. The professor and an expert on the psychology of sleep Philadelphia University has developed a whole theory about how the brain perceives a large number of electronic devices in the bedroom as the need to engage in work once again. In fact what is a lie – in the bedroom you should sleep a strong and healthy sleep. And the urgent e-mails and messages at the “facebook” can wait until morning.

2. Sleep on your side

So you can embrace the one that lies with you, as well as reduce stress levels – says the doctor, an American chiropractor. Of course, it probably can’t cause the stress if there is a beautiful girl lying behind you! Also, sleeping on your side is useful for the back, plus it reduces the likelihood that you will snore not so loudly in the dream.

3. Cool down!

If you have an air conditioning in the bedroom, put it on a lower temperature. If not – then just open the window at night or at least to ventilate the room. You can always take refuge more than a warm blanket, but keep cool in the bedroom is much more difficult process. Among other things this is a pledge of healthy sleep.

4. Buy a new mattress

Think about how to invest your honestly earned money into something really worthwhile. Studies show that 47% of people lose about three hours of sleep due to the fact that their partner snores or, for example, turns in his sleep. So if the rotational movement and kicks of your girl friend do not give you to fall asleep you should run to the shop for a mattress that will ensure the stability of the bed and keep your sleep. Some stores even work around the clock.

5. Throw out the electronic watches

And buy the time-tested wall clock with an arrow. Psychologists say: when you cannot sleep, and there are glimmering electronic figures in the darkness (reminiscent of that some four hours remain before work), it reduces the likelihood of healthy sleep for about 34%. A clock with an arrow in the dark is not seen. Besides, it has a quite stylish look.

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