How to have a healthy sex life

How to have a healthy sex life

How to have a healthy sex life

How to have a healthy sex lifeLiving a happy, healthy balanced life is something most people are after. We tend to fixate on the food we eat, stare at our waistlines hoping they will shrink and try not to drink too much. We put so much focus into our appearance in health terms and in the internal way we feel, but how often do you look at the health of our sex lives?

Maintaining a happy, healthy sex life can entail more than you think and can be done whether you have a partner or not.

The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind when you hear healthy sex life is safe guarding yourself against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. While we’ve all heard it a million times, it’s worth saying it again. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship and not trying to have a child, you should be using protection. If you’re monogamous, but not interested in children at the time being, look into IUDs, implants and birth control pills and rings. If you’re not monogamous, use a condom. every. single. time. Be responsible. Keep you and your partner safe.

Now that the mandatory PSA is over, how else can you be healthy?

The first step is to create a healthy relationship with yourself. Do you know what you like? What you’re comfortable with? What works and doesn’t work for you and how far you’re willing to go? These are important things to think about. How will you ever feel comfortable with someone else if you’re not comfortable with touching yourself? Take time to explore who you are and what you like. If you initially feel weird about it, get a toy to help feel like there’s more than just you and your hand. Check out Adam & Eve for some great options. If you can be confident with your solo self in the bedroom it will translate into partner bedroom time and even outside of the bedroom.

Do you have a healthy mindset about sex or do you make yourself feel bad for the needs and desires you have? Sex is wonderful and a natural part of life. If you are having feelings of shame, guilt or disgust, you should consider talking to someone or at the very least, talking to your partner.

A healthy sex life also means having open communication with your partner. Are you able to talk to them about what you want and vice versa? Do you want to try new things but are afraid to bring it up? Communication is key and it might feel awkward at first, but it’s important to be able to talk to your partner about these kinds of things. It’s likely that they want to talk to you about it as well, but don’t know how to go about it. Help break the ice and bring it up yourself. If it makes you more comfortable, bring it up outside of the bedroom in neutral territory, so that they and you don’t feel like you’re getting attacked.

And a healthy sex life also means having it and having your needs met. Once again, this can apply to people in relationships or people taking care of their own needs. There is no prescribed amount sex someone should have. If your needs are getting met then whatever amount you’re having is fine. You only need to worry when you’re having so much sex that it’s getting in the way of your daily functioning.

Other key factors that you should be aware of are staying in shape and eating right. Being actually healthy can transform the health of your sex life because it will allow you to stay energized and really take part in the bedroom fun. You will also feel better and more confident about your body. You just might even want to show it off! You can also try getting more sleep at night, so that you aren’t as tired throughout the day.

Remember to always be sex positive, open minded and keep open communication with yourself and your partner.

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