How To Be Charming – 5 Tips To Have More Charisma

Have you ever thought about being more charming? You can learn how to be charming by looking at these tips.

The thought of having charm and personal magnetism is often based on having an attracting energy that flows through your body and mind. While that is certainly true, there are other aspects to it.

Many people think you are either born with it or you are not. It is not a matter of you either have it or you don’t. We can all start at the beginning and develop it, if it is not one of our strong traits. Having a strong presence is about how you are perceived by others. How you treat them is going to influence them greatly. Especially when you first meet.

So let’s talk about how you can genuinely influence people for the better and have them think of you as a powerful and charming person.

Tips For Positively Influencing People

1. When you meet with someone new, act as if you are meeting a friend. That will help you be comfortable and operate from your true self, rather than putting on a front. Don’t be overly friendly but be interested in what they have to say, and let them do most of the talking.

2. Body language says a great deal. Learn more about body language. Crossing your arms or your legs would mean that you are closed to the person or situation. Look people in the eyes when speaking, but don’t come across as staring at them. Looking them in the eyes shows you have nothing to hide and are not avoiding them.

3. Be positive. No one likes to be around a negative person. Don’t be pessimistic, on the opposite end, don’t come across with a too positive, Pollyanna attitude. Being positive and happy makes you an attractive person, it endears you to other people.

4. Work on good posture. Keep your body posture straight, don’t slouch. This will help you look more powerful, creating a good impression.

5. Help people when you can. Do they not know how to do something you do? They would appreciate your help. However, don’t take on too many tasks at the same time and know when to say no. Helping people helps you feel good about yourself, building your sense of power and worth. And certainly others feel good about you when you help and were not expected to.

Bonus Tip: Take a memory course. Why? People love it when you remember their name and a little about your last conversation the next time you meet. Look into Mnemonics techniques. Or see names as pictures, to aid memory. For example my name is Jeannie Crabtree. With word pictures it could be jeans with a torn knee and a red crab hanging from a tree. Jean Knee Crab Tree.

The bottom line is to do what you can to genuinely make a good impression without manipulating people. It is a win win situation. You will attract people to you and feel good about yourself. Charm is developed along the way.

You can begin putting into practice how to be charming. It can be learned. Click that link to learn even more about developing charm, charisma and personal magnetism.

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