Get Your Old Girlfriend Back Using These Simple Tricks

Have you tried everything to get your old girlfriend back but she’s not having any of it? Do you think that you’d have a better chance of her picking a winning NCAA bracket than choosing to see you again and it has you frustrated beyond belief? While women are not the most sensical creatures nor easy to understand for us guys there are some tricks that you can use to get your old girlfriend back. It doesn’t matter what the situation is or what led to your breakup. What is important is what you do from here on out.

While common professional advice might be to ask her to sit down and talk things through… talk about what led to your breakup, what you need to change and what can be done to fix the problems in your relationship, the truth is that these methods rarely work and usually only confirm her resolve to stay broken up with you. If you are serious about getting your old girlfriend back you need to work smart and be clever. Trickery and having a plan will get you much further in your attempt to get her back than being honest and following foolish advice.

But What If She Is Seeing Someone Else? – Yes, even if she is seeing someone else you can still get your old girlfriend back. If she seems to have moved on or if she went straight to dating some other guy after she broke up with you all hope is not lost. Actually, having her go straight for a rebound relationship can actually work in your favor and if this is the case you need to work fast. If you have been angry about her dating another guy you are gong to have to hide your feelings a bit and act as if you are totally accepting of her new guy.

You see, most rebound relationships fall apart rather quickly and you need to be prepared to be there for her when things do fall apart. If you had been angry or upset or in any way hounding her to get back together you need to back off a bit. Your interference in her new relationship actually worked to bring them closer together. Together they had something to focus on and he could be her support as she went through the breakup. Once you seemingly abandon your pursuit of trying to get your old girlfriend back they won’t have much to rally around… it won’t be exciting and she will begin to see his flaws and defects. Yeah, the same stuff that you might have tried telling her about but she wouldn’t listen.

Why Not Just Ask Her Out? – If she isn’t seeing someone or when she does break up with this new guy you might be tempted to just call her up and ask her out. You are going to have to be a little more original than that and there is a lot that you need to do to get her back before that first date. Your ex is going to have her defenses up and be suspicious of just about everything that you try to do that might look like or smell like a date for some time. Even the old “I was going to go out and get a bite to eat and wanted to know if you were hungry” trick is going to set of an alarm in her head for a while. So try to think of the reverse of this and maybe even make a point of not asking her to tag along with you to make her want to spend time with you once you do begin to connect with her again.

Reverse psychology and psychology in general is a very effective way of pushing a woman’s emotional hot buttons and if you are serious about getting your old girlfriend back it’s going to take some restraint and cunning to bring her around. You might not like the games and you might wish that you could just speak your mind but that day is coming and if you really do want her back then you’re just going to have to play the game.

What Works And Why – It is probably no surprise that women are emotional in nature. They make all of their decisions based upon what they feel emotionally or “in their heart” and your old girlfriend is no different. Even if she is pretty cool and she likes to drink beer, watch sports and she can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, she is still emotional and she makes all her decisions based upon what she feels. While you might be able to make her angry and get her to curse you out at times these arern’t really the emotions that we are shooting for. While this is a good sign that there is passion there and that you can push her emotionally, you are pushing the wrong emotional buttons.

Think about chick flicks and chocolate cake. Both of these things can push a woman emotionally and bring them happiness and the emotions that they crave. There is also a very good chance that once upon a time you were able to move her emotionally or else she wouldn’t have had anything to do with you in the first place. There was something special about you that she saw in you. She liked to be around you and you made her feel emotions that made her fall in love with you in the first place. Now, subtly and slowly you are going to have to flip those same switches that you flipped when you first made her fall for you. If you can make her feel something for you in her heart again either by triggering memories of when you were together or how you made her feel when you were together you will be able to get your old girlfriend back.

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