Options For The Removal Of Unwanted Hair And Delliverables Expectations

Hair removal, more times than not, is a very trying, time consuming, expensive and even risky endeavor. Not to mention how the pain in the process of waxing, laser or electrolysis can be. On the other hand, having a hairless body is one of the sexiest, and most powerful achievements you could possibly do. For some reason, we find nothing more sensually inspiring than the feel of warm, flowing, hairless skin. We are helpless before the power of it’s allure, and it is totally in the core of our design. Having this power is is an indescribable sensation in both the nature and intensity of the emotion. It is actually so amazing, that once we know what it is, we are willing to accept any risk or pain to get it. Although there are many available methods to eliminate hair, each has very defined pros and cons, and understanding them will allow us to make the right choice for our lifestyle and budget.

Razor – Shaving is a trusted and time tested way to eliminate hair. It is painless, cost effective, and can be done in the privacy of our own home or hotel room without much planning or scheduling, and in a short time. The problems of shaving are: nicks, razor burn, total time invested due to the frequency of shaving, total expense of razors if they are used only once, ingrown hairs, bumps, and most importantly, the unattractive feel of stubble, which happens quickly and can destroy a romantic moment.

Wax – After you have have waxing hair removal, it is a great feeling. Waxing leaves skin exfoliated, pleasantly soft and smooth to the touch (even while hair regrows), lasts about 3 weeks, is relatively quick and inexpensive, and over years reduces the quantity and thickness of hair until it is practically gone. Professional waxing is recommendable because it offers less pain, and the best results and experience, but it is possible to do it at home with a bit of discipline and effort. The drawbacks of wax are: the pain during the removal of the wax with the hair (more so when the esthetician is not very concerned about it), the chance of possible ingrown hair and bumps, and the time required for the visit to a waxing center.

Light – There is much guesswork and speculation about Laser, and what it can do to remove hair. The reality is that Laser provides results ranging between waxing and electrolysis. Laser has very fast treatment times, and although it can produce permanent results on some hair, the chances are that a large amount of the hair in the skin area treated will only be reduced in visibility (thickness, color, and density). Regardless, the area treated should be more attractive and smooth. As far as disadvantages to Laser, you have to qualify, it is painful, and many people do it for years an not achieve their desired results. The risks of laser include swelling, redness, pain, dark spots on the skin in about 24% of patients who have a full treatment regime, permanent discoloration in the form of light colored skin spots, new hair growth in the skin surrounding the treatment area, burns, infection, and the resulting scars and uneven skin texture.

Electric Current – Another technology that has been around for a while providing great results is electrolysis. Sensuous feel to the skin, great look, works on everyone and on hair of any color (even white hair), and is permanent. New technologies have come out in equipment have made electrolysis faster, safer, and less painful than ever before. The risks of electrolysis include swelling, redness, pain, vapor burns beneath the surface of the skin, along with possible resulting infection, scars, and pigmentation. It also needs to be performed one hair at a time, which can make electrolysis time consuming. A reputable facility, knowledgeable electrologist, and high end equipment, provide the best comfort, and satisfaction.

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