Get Your Girlfriend Back – 3 Reasons Why Most Guys Fail

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? All you have to do is say the right things and do the right things and your ex will fall in love with you again and you’ll be able to get her back. After all, you know her better than anyone else right now and it really should be easy to get your girlfriend back. So why do most guys have such a hard time getting their ex back and why are you looking for advice on how to get your ex back?

The simple answer is that it really isn’t all that simple to get your ex back and given the highly emotional nature of your breakup you will probably find that you’re doing all the wrong things instead of the right things to get her back. You just aren’t thinking quite right and you are desperate for an answer and some guidance on how to get your girlfriend back.

The Pursuit – Most guys think that if they are persistent and if they pursue their ex eventually she will come to her senses and change her mind about the breakup. They believe that all of this will just blow over and one day she will just give in and agree to give the relationship another chance. The sad truth is that by pursuing your ex and being what most guys would consider persistent, you are coming off as needy and kind of clueless, to be frank. By constantly calling her you are killing your chances of ever getting her back and if you’re not careful you might actually wind up earning yourself a restraining order.

If you have been relentlessly pursuing your ex and are kicking yourself right about now there is good news. Often a little time and some cleverness can spin this stuff in your favor and reverse the damage that you have done. In the wake of your breakup both you and your ex have said and done a few things that you are going to regret so don’t sweat it… and don’t try to apologize to your ex over it either! Just forget about it for the moment and drop it until the time is right. And the time will be right after you get her back, OK?

Wanting To Talk Things Through – Many guys think that the old relationship advice that says that all you have to do is talk through your problems and you can resolve any issues that you and your ex had and she will automatically want to get back together with you again. This sounds logical, right? The problem is that your ex has quit on you. She has dumped you or is just about through with your relationship. Shoving the relationship down her throat isn’t going to get you anywhere except to completely turn her off to ever getting back together with you. If she does agree to see you and talk with you about the breakup it will wind up being more of a discussion where she guts you like a fish emotionally hoping that you will hate her and just go away. If not that then it will be a chance for her to give you “closure” on the relationship so you will never have to contact her again. Run for the hills!

If you have tried this or if you are tempted to ask your ex to get together so you can talk you should opt for a root canal instead. Chances are she is just going to be negative and you will wind up walking away feeling worse than you did before you met. You will feel like you’ve been beaten up and beat down and the things that she will probably say to you will only fester and build into anger and resentment for you given some time. Instead hold off on the request to get together until you understand how to bring out positive emotions in her that will lead her to feel passion, wanting and longing for you again. That sounds more productive, doesn’t it?

Being Nice – This is an old standby and something that you have probably tried in any one of it’s major flavors. Many guys try being nice or overly nice as a method to change their ex’s mind and try to get them back. Perhaps a dozen roses or a beautiful love poem or something nice that she might have said that she wanted as a gift will get her to change her mind about your breakup. She will realize how much you love her and immediately decide that she loves you after all, right? Wrong! Most of the time such niceties will only remind your ex of the fact that you didn’t do stuff like this for her when you were together but now you decide to buy her roses or gifts or write her nice letters telling her how much you love her?

Save the gifts and the ideas of gifts for after you get her back. It can be a nice treat to show her how happy you are and how things are going to be now that you are back together again. Giving gifts to someone that broke your heart is just pathetic and lowers your value as a man in her eyes. Of course, if you have already done any of these things in an attempt to get your girlfriend back, the situation is not beyond hope. I have seen many relationships come back from absolutely horrible circumstances and I have seen guys do all the wrong things and come out the other end of the breakup with their dignity and their relationship intact. No relationship is beyond hope and success is within your grasp.

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