Can No Contact Get Her Back – The Piece Of The Puzzle You Are Probably Missing

Using the no contact rule or avoiding contacting your ex is one of the most often recommended pieces of advice given to help you to get your ex back. In theory, the no contact rule is pretty simple. But can it really be that simple to get your ex back? Is it as simple as just sitting there waiting on your ex to change her mind? If this was true then we could just put you in a coma for a couple of months and wake you up when she decides that she wants to get back together with you, right?

The problem with the no contact rule is that this piece of advice is often vague and lacking much direction. What are you going to do while you’re waiting around? Is it ok to talk to her friends or family? Why is the no contact rule important and what does it do? When is it ok to break no contact or is it ok to break it if your ex gets in touch with you? There are thousands of questions and if you don’t do it right many experts say that you go back to day one and start all over again. So, here’s a little advice to help you sort out the facts and fables about the no contact rule.

When Is It OK To Break The Rule? – Basically, it is never ok to break the no contact rule. You might think that you have an important tidbit of information that your ex absolutely needs to know about but chances are this is just your desire to talk to your ex that is messing with your mind. You might worry that your ex will think that you have moved on or forgotten about her or that she might not know that you still love her. Again, this is just your selfish desire telling you to break down and call her.

By calling your ex or getting in touch with her through her friends or family you are only prolonging the agony of being apart from your ex. As the days pass your ex will begin to wonder what happened to you and then when you do break down and contact her she will see that nothing at all has changed and indeed things will go back to day one in her mind. She will lose any bit of respect that she had begun to have for you and she will see you as pathetic and needy once again. Sorry if this hurts but someone has to be truthful with you.

What Should You Be Doing Instead? – Instead of sitting around waiting for your phone to ring you need to lay the groundwork that will lead her back into your arms once again. You need to begin to make the changes that will make you the strong, charming, handsome, funny guy that she can fall in love with all over again. You need to start taking care of yourself and start living life again. Spend some time with your friends, go to a movie, go to the library. Anything to get you out of the house and to take your mind off of your ex for a while is a good thing to do.

Spending some time thinking about your actions, what you will say and what you will do to get your ex back are also a useful way to pass the time in moderation. After all, if you aren’t sure of what to say or do to stir the emotions in your ex that will lead her to fall back in love with you again then you will no doubt fail when the moment of truth comes. Will you know how to make her laugh and smile and feel that connection and the passion that you once shared when you were together? How will you do that without coming off cheesy? How do you get from Point A to Point B without turning her off and making her feel like you’re just trying to get her back again?

Remember, what you say and what you do the next time you see her will be the deciding moment when it comes to whether you will be together forever or if she winds up riding off into the sunset with some other guy that knows how to move her emotionally. This is the key to your success and the piece of the puzzle that most experts leave out. Without a solid plan to get her back you could follow the no contact rule for a year and still wind up losing her for good.

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