Should you date your friend's ex lover?

When is it ever okay to date your best friend or your friend’s ex girl or guy?

I had a friend, lets keep him/her nameless that found it quite okay to go out with their friend’s ex. They claimed that once someone breaks up then they have no rights to whom the other person decides to date. The argument was always “hey it’s a free country and the person can decide who they want to be with.” I always just saw my friend as liking other people’s left overs. The other argument was if this girl for instance, was good enough for my buddy than she could definitely be good enough for me. Whatever the reason may have been or be the question still remains should you be dating your best friend’s ex?


  1. If it was a flash in the pan sort of thing and by this I mean 3-6 months then you would be required to ask your friend how they feel about such a thing. Moving in on someone’s ex wife or husband however is a very different thing, this is akin to treason and a flagrant violation of the code and should not be done at all. I have been with my wife for 10 years and if we were to divorce and my best friend tried it on with her he could rightly expect to be receiving his balls the mail in his immediate future.

  2. i don’t think its right, but if my ex finds his self lusting over my girlfriend i’ll tell him to go for it, cause look on the bright side that person just may be his soul mate so why hate…

  3. I always said that i wouldn’t date my friends ex. But maybe the both of us was ment to be with each other. If the both of you really and truly like each other then I say go for it.

  4. I have to agree Vava2sexy, everyone is definitely free to choose who they want to be with it, and if two people break up then they should definitely move on and it shouldn’t really matter who they move on with as long as they are happy (if you even care). Nonetheless, were all on a search to find that special someone so even if it was your friend’s ex, like the cliche says, one’s trash could be another one’s treasure.

  5. Well I think it doesn’t matter. Yes your best firend dated him/her but he or she is not a trademark. The person gave up the right this right when he/she left him….soooo I say what the hell.

  6. Well I think the answer to this question will differ from one situation to the the next. Let’s say that my best friend went out with this girl and for some reason they broke up yet I like her and she likes me, are we supposed to act as if theses feelings don’t exist?

    But in your friends case he/she is a loser looking for a foundation. But the y do have a point. If you are no longer with someone it shouldn’t matter who goes out with them.

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