Breathing. Antidote To The Yawning

Biologists argue that people yawn when their bodies accumulate too much of carbon dioxide. Deep breath – and now the body is already getting a breath of oxygen, and with it the strength and energy.

A person starts to yawn long before his birth. Researchers found that even at the 12 th week of development in the womb the fetus yawns full swing.

Yawning is contagious. If a person begins to yawn in the room and everyone do the same. Corrupting effect of yawning is around 40-60%. To monitor this was conducted a simple experiment: a group offered to watch the movie in which actors were yawning. As a result, every second participant of the experiment repeated the action of movie heroes.

During the same experiment, scientists noticed that the “infected” are those who have active area of the brain responsible for empathy.

Especially we are vulnerable during monotonous and boring work. American psychologists somehow counted the number of yawning at a seminar on mathematics. It was found that the average student can make a protracted 25 breaths per hour. And not because he thinks at this time about beer and sex. In fact, the yawning helps to invigorate the body, just about ready to fall asleep. Japanese have long noted this property of yawning and craftily using it to their advantage. For example, in some plants, workers do special breaks, during which carefully yawn – at first imitating and then drawn into a real yawn. To say the truth after this the work in the office is humming.

Nervousness is another source of yawning besides boredom and fatigue – for example, before the interview or important meeting. Making the breath, we release stress and mobilizing force. Causes of stress may be a migraine, circulatory disorders in the brain, Vegetovascular dystonia, and other troubles, accompanied by daytime sleepiness, and weakness, which is another reason to visit a neurologist.

The prolonged immobility leads to a slowing of blood flow velocity and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. Therefore, usually we want to yawn in the morning. Do not stay in bed for a long time – quietly and resolutely rise and after an ice shower and rubdowns go to work out. Exercise increases the tone of the body, improve blood flow to the heart, lungs, brain and help to move quickly to active wakefulness.

If you start yawning too strong for the day, while the (mostly true for those who work sitting), it is a signal to the fact that it was time to open the window, perform a ritual run in the office and to stretch. After all these simple procedures do five deep breaths through the nose and five breaths through your mouth. Drink water, tea, lemonade, change the position where you are – and forward, to conquer the world and enslave humanity.

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