Why are women so complicated and what do they really want?

mai_lamore_rose_shoesMen find women to be complicated creatures and they find it even harder to understand exactly what do women what. Well, men the fact of the matter is, women are complicated and for the most part they have too many things that they want, which makes it impossible for them to just really talk about or focus on one.

Women are multifaceted creatures, they tend to see details rather than big pictures, they appreciate the smallest gestures, and they are passionate when it comes to the way they love another. Women are complicated only because they are constantly growing and changing in the way they look at life.

A woman’s life is almost never the same, meaning that it takes another shape or form every single day. Women love to look at life through various lenses in order to find the one that suits them best. Men aren’t considered complicated because they tend to look at the bigger picture and not care for the details.

They follow the same rituals and routines throughout their daily lives and would rather not deal with change. Most men for the most part can only do one thing at a time, whereas women can multitask. Their minds are constantly going and sometimes they do get a bit carried away, which makes them come across as if their insane, but they aren’t, men just can’t really keep up. If a woman finds something that works for them, then they stick to it. Most women look for a change because it brings that excitement into their life that they long for. They long to be happy and are in constant search of this happiness. Woman nag, love, cry, create drama, love some more, all for the sake of finding happiness, and all they need is for men to understand them!!

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