Who wears the pants in your relationship?

I am kind of old fashion and nowadays in a relationship it’s hard to determine who wears the pants or the panties. Anyone I talk you about this type of things can tell you my words and ideas have never changed. I get upset sometimes when I see men are being run by their girlfriends or wives. If you are a man know your role and grow a pair of you know what (lol).

A man’s role in a relationship is to cherish and care for his woman first and foremost. Having your woman taking care of you man, and you sitting around not contributing doesn’t make you a man, at least not to me, a loser maybe, but a man definitely no. I have witnessed many times where the woman is the bread winner of the house and the man is just sitting around or just hanging out with the boys around the block as his woman is out working hard and sometimes even struggling to make ends meet, simply because the man is too lazy to work or claims he can’t find a job

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